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July 2014

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All,On July 24th it was 45 years since the first moon landing. Some will remember exactly where they were that day and those that don’t can find ways to relive it at the superb We Choose The Moon website with original voice recordings.

Think about how to inject the spirit of exploration and development to your own site. Our featured article this month provides a relatively new technical solution where you can accurately track and measure phone calls from your website. Plus we have our usual selection of tidbits, sites of interest, stat of the month and cartoon.

The Benefits Of Call Tracking Numbers

The missing piece of the puzzle for many website owners is tracking and measuring exactly how a website is performing. In particular, most websites generate at least half of their leads from phone call, but it can be difficult to quantify the results. There is a solution… call tracking.

These days website operators are typically tracking enquiries / bookings / sales conversions using goals in Google Analytics but they don’t – or can’t – accurately measure how many people call up on the phone from their website. Phone calls are an essential way of starting the conversation with a new client or customer, and knowing how many of these are coming through your site allows to assess whether it’s an effective advertising tool or not.

Phone call tracking is coded dynamically, and is inserted onto each individual page that you wish to track. Therefore you can assign a different tracking code to different numbers, and receive a diverse range of results and information.

By using phone call tracking you can:

  • Track exactly who called, and when. This allows you to correlate data with real time activities such as putting up a blog post, sending out a newsletter or email, or purchasing online advertising. You can see the effects of these as they happen.
  • Track the chanel. With different data sources, you can discover whether they found you via Google AdWords or SEO or TV (or any other marketing effort). This allows you to determine which of these are most effective – not only at creating phone calls, but creating phone calls that convert to real business.
  • Track Goals. Because it’s part of the overall data that Google Analytics is constantly measuring about your website, you can integrate with your other goals (and put a dollar value on it). You can also align it with other data about keywords, landing pages, mobile audiences and more to make conclusions about the people making calls and where they’re coming from.

If you’re spending time and money getting your phone number out there, it’s essential to make sure it’s bringing you worthwhile results. Call tracking also gives you real-time notifications of missed calls via email, and gives you additional data such as how long phone calls lasted and the geographical location of the caller. All this data adds up to paint a full picture of your campaign.

Avatar has launched a new call tracking service, get in touch if you’d like more information. We use it ourselves and now have 100% transparency on exactly how well our website is performing and what marketing areas are producing the best results.

Statistic Of The Month

10,000 heads of lettuce. The world’s largest indoor farm in Japan has developed a means of producing 10,000 heads of fresh lettuce every day. Specially designed LED light fixtures illuminate the rows of plants, and control the night and day cycle and accelerate growth. He is able reduce wasted produce to just 10 percent of the harvest (as opposed to 50 percent on a regular farm) and cuts water usage down to just 1 percent of that needed by a traditional farm.


Driverless Cars. Though still somewhat on the horizon, the idea of fully automated cars is becoming more and more realistic and the benefits are being applauded.

It’s Back. A very early leak of the new Windows 9 interface shows that the start menu is making a return, likely due to popular demand.

Faster Internet. A new technique developed by a number of US universities uses mathematical formulae to boost internet data speeds.

Open VPN. A New Zealand internet provider has officially admitted that its global VPN service is provided so that Kiwis can watch Netflix.

Highway Vigilante. Tired of people being on their cell phones while driving, this 60 year old was caught using a phone jammer to prevent it.

Sites Of Interest

A selection of sites we’ve worked on recently in web design, WordPress setups and/or web marketing.

Skate NZ

Skate NZ is the governmental recognised controlling body of Roller Sports in New Zealand.


Phytofarm is a medicinal plant farm dedicated to the growing and practical use of herbal medicine.

Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab is redefining access to commercial space in the emerging small satellite market.

Avatar Portfolio

View Avatar’s slideshow portfolio page to peruse a larger selection of websites that we have designed.


Cartoon Of The Month

Reprinted With Permission

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