Avatar News: July 2017

Written By: Mark Rocket
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All,

We hope you’re enjoying the wintry ski season like we are! Instead of the usual one main article, this month we’re mixing it up with four feature items. Then we round things off with some tidbits and a few sites of interest.

Website Audit

Want more online leads and sales? Want to improve your website’s performance? Avatar’s website audit gives you tangible recommendations you can implement to get your website cranking.

The Elements Of Value

The Elements Of Value

It’s a worthwhile exercise to contemplate what elements of your service or product really add value to your customers. Beyond the functional, can you enhance the emotional, life-changing or social impact areas? View our elements of value blog post.

Website Success Checklist

Avatar’s website success checklist gives a range of useful quick-fire ideas to help you ascertain if your website cuts the mustard. The yellow sticky also gives you a handy score sheet.

Power Resources

We’ve collated a bunch of website power resources about building a stronger site, improving SEO and increasing sales. A useful page to dip in and out of when you get time.


Responding To Negative Reviews. It’s hard to please everyone all the time and sometimes things just go wrong. Here are some great suggestions on how to deal with negative reviews.

Google Updates Their Website Speed Test Tool. Worth checking out for your site because it shows a percentage of how many people they estimate are leaving your site due to performance issues and compares you to your competitors.

Google Posts For Search & Maps. Using Google Posts is a great option if you want to provide some sort of key update to Google’s maps and search result pages. This can certainly give your presence a lift. One downside is that the posts only last for 7 days (unless it’s an upcoming event).

Generations X,Y, Z & The Others. A useful intro and description of the population groups in America, as typically used by demographers and market researchers.

Sites Of Interest

Shearerbuilt (Web Design)


Fetchalamp.co.nz (Web Design)


Escape Artists (Web Marketing)

Escape Artists

Cartoon Of The Month


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