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June 2014

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All!
Soccer World Cup fever is gripping the world, and here at Avatar we’ve got goals on the mind too. Getting people to achieve your website goals requires a solid call to action, which is what we’re discussing in this month’s newsletter. Plus we have a special offer, our usual range of tidbits, stat of the month, sites of interest and cartoon.

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How To Create Great Calls To Action

So many websites you visit have vague content, lack clarity and appear generally rudderless. A website simply won’t reach it’s potential if the website has no clear objective. What are the one to three main goals you’re trying to achieve? Generate enquiries? Encourage newsletter signups? Sell bookings? Every key page on your website should have a strong call to action to invite your site visitors to take the next step. Make an offer they can’t refuse!

For a lot of websites, sales don’t instantly happen on the first visit. Start the conversation by incentivising people to email, phone or submit online forms. In particular, encouraging people to give their phone number or for people to call you is a great way to raise website conversion rates, as you have a strong opportunity to build a personal connection and answer their specific questions.

Selling online is often not easy. People need to really want what you have and trust that you can deliver. Consider a discounted or loss leader type offering – it’s all about engaging visitors to take action and often this can be done with a strong introductory deal. If you have the right call to action for your target audience, then you can typically triple or quadruple your conversion rate.

Some examples of common calls to action include:

  • “Free XYZ Template”
    Download Here
  • “7 Things You Need To Know About XYZ”
    Download Free Report
  • “50% Online Discount For XYZ”
    Click Here
  • “Free 30 Minute Consultation”
    Call 0800 UVW XYZ

In all of these cases you’re offering not only an incentive but also a clear and direct way for the audience to act upon it. You need both of these factors in order to present a truly enticing deal to viewers. The way you present this call to action can vary. It can simply be included in the page text as a link, or be part of a graphic can even be built into the very layout of the site. It should be eye-catching and while it doesn’t need to demand entire focus, should at least be clear so that visitors know where to click to get to the next stage even if they aren’t engaging with the entire page as a whole.

Check out some website examples:

  • Buy One, Give One. Treehouse online coding school targets those interested in education and learning, so they incentivize sign ups by giving a free account to a student for every one that signs up. This shows that not all giveaways need to give something specifically to the user.
  • Where Do You Want To Go? Stay.com invites you to start exploring and interacting as soon as you enter the site by offering to create a city guide based on your travel destination. It immediately gives something of value back to the visitor, encouraging them to use the website further.
  • 2,000,000 Projects. If your business, like Basecamp, has some impressive statistics backing it up, use these to your advantage. A “Free 60 Day Trial” button right under the banner text describing Basecamp’s past success is a two-pronged attack strategy that works.

A great call to action is essential for converting more visitors into customers. If you aren’t sure whether yours is doing the business, then talk to Avatar.

Statistic Of The Month

12,000 Forgotten Websites. On the very first day it offered the ability for websites to be “forgotten” – i.e. to have their link erased from Google’s result pages – Google received over 12,000 requests. There can be a number of reasons for wanting to be forgotten – old or outdated information and privacy concerns being amongst the top. This new function comes following a European court ruling that asserted websites have the right not to appear in search results.


Quality Score Tips. Users of Google’s Adword services can learn a lot from the Quality Score assigned to your campaign.

Big Change For Authorship. Google has just announced that it will be removing the author photographs that appear on the rich snippets that accompany article search results.
I Gotta Have More Cowbell. Arguably the most hilarious Saturday Night Live skit of them all.

Britain’s Underground City. In the event of nuclear devastation, an entire underground city was planned and partially built during the 1960’s.

7 Solar Benefits. Solar power has a range of benefits beyond just saving the environment.

Sites Of Interest

A selection of sites we’ve worked on recently in web design, WordPress setups and/or web marketing.

Sullivan Packaging

Manufacturers of a range of plastic packaging products for uses including food and horticulture.

USAVE Video Clips

A selection of humorous videos about the ups and downs of hiring your rental car in NZ.

Saxton Autos

A full range of automotive services, offering 5-star Bosch car servicing on all vehicle makes.

Avatar Portfolio

View Avatar’s slideshow portfolio page to peruse a larger selection of websites that we have designed.

Cartoon Of The Month

Reprinted With Permission

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