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June 2015

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All,
In this month’s newsletter we talk about how to build up a good online reputation through gaining user reviews. It’s an area that is often overlooked but we’ve seen outstanding results for businesses focusing on this area. Plus we have our usual selection of tidbits and sites of interest for you to view.

Improving Your Online Reputation Through Reviews

If you’re a business who wants to improve your website traffic and online conversions, then building your online reputation is an essential step. It’s now easier than ever before to give people an inside look at your shop, restaurant, product or service. 88% of consumers trust reviews as much as they would personal recommendations. Reviews are the perfect way to show that you are a credible business and that you’ve provided an excellent service on multiple occasions. Most people want to evaluate the risk of the purchase they’re about to make, reviews give extra reassurance and comfort that they’re making the right decision.

Why Reviews Are Important

Reviews help you out in three main ways:

  • Google+ reviews are often shown right on the search engine result pages. A high star rating will get you more clicks and will help with your Google+ ranking.
  • Good reviews build trust and credibility, which will result in more prospective customers converting into enquiries and sales.
  • As well as major platforms like Google+ and Facebook, review sites such as TripAdvisor, Rankers, Yelp and NoCowboys are starting to have a significant influence on user’s decision making.

How To Create A Review Strategy

A lot of business owners and online marketers fail to dedicate any thought on gathering reviews. It just takes a little time and patience – and of course, a steady amount of business to build up a customer base you can approach for reviews.

Before we begin: a small disclaimer. There are ways to gather reviews that are of a more unsavoury nature – buying reviews and writing fake reviews. It’s simply not worth the risk, just keep it legit. Genuine reviews will shine through and will resonate with your audience.

Here are some suggestions for kicking off your review strategy:

  • Ask personally. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. The best way to get a review is to reach out to a customer and personally ask for one. And it’s best to do this by a meeting, phone call or email (ideally not a bulk email out).
  • Select customers you want reviews from. Obviously bad reviews are not usually as beneficial as good reviews, so it’s best to ask people you know are happy with your service or product. But even a bad review can give you an opportunity to reply and outline where things went awry. People realise that things can go wrong sometimes and/or personal preferences can be involved, but overall you want a good vs bad review ratio that balances in the positive.
  • Implement an ongoing strategy. Reviews become dated – people aren’t as interested in how great your business was three years ago. A lot can change in that time, so you need to stay fresh and keep getting feedback regularly.
  • Review your reviews. If you aren’t getting as many good reviews as you’d like, ask yourself why this might be. Take people’s feedback on board so that the next reviews you get are all much better. Reviews are a valuable tool to improve your business and service and create repeat customers.
  • Utilise multiple networks. There are many different review networks available depending on your business (as per the site links above). Provide visible links from your website for leaving reviews at any of these websites, and consider getting listed on your niche industry sites.

Reviews are a powerful way to enhance your online reputation. If you’re serious about your web presence, then it’s an area that should not be overlooked.

Statistic Of The Month

8 Minutes. An 8 minute surgery is all it takes to get 20/20 vision with these new lenses, developed by a Canadian optometrist, regardless of age or the original condition of the eyes. The project has been eight years in the making, and pending further testing, should be available for the public in the next two years.


Setting Up The Perfect Google+ Page. Google+ is an essential part of getting your business visible on local search results.

Online Purchase Journey. Understanding the journey a customer takes when making a purchase online helps you increase conversions.

Google Analytics Guide. This Google Analytics guide takes you from start to finish through the most important aspects.

Google Vs The Homeless. According to the reporter, Google’s new digs in Los Angeles have come with a vicious attitude towards local homeless people.

Is WordPress Safe? With numerous reports of hacking and security breaches, some concerned users are asking whether WordPress is a safe content management system to build their site on.

20GBs Mobile. Debuting during the 2018 winter Olympics, South Korea’s new 5G mobile network will bring speeds that New Zealanders can only dream of.

Failure To Kickstart. Getting funded on Kickstarter isn’t a guarantee of success, as the story of the makers of the world’s thinnest watch shows.

Undo That Email. If you’ve ever realised moments after pressing send on an email that you’ve made a terrible mistake, Gmail now has an undo function to prevent any communication catastrophes. It’s only valid for 30 seconds though, so think quick!

Sites Of Interest

A selection of sites we’ve worked on recently in web design, WordPress setups and/or web marketing.

Eden Park B&B (Web Marketing)

A boutique luxury accommodation provider set in a gorgeous historic house in Auckland.

Smart Cats (Web Marketing)

A fencing system for patios to larger properties, using a mild static ping to deter cats from crossing the border.

Cavell Leitch (Web Marketing)

A law firm with a range of teams with experts in different areas of the law, to give you the best representation..

Avatar Portfolio

Browse selection of website designs that Avatar has produced for a range of different clients.

Cartoon Of The Month

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