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Avatar News: June 2016

Written By: Mark Rocket
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All,

For a long time we’ve been interested in the convergence of SEO, PR and story telling. This month we explore that concept a bit further and have our usual assortment of items. Whoa, we’re halfway through the year already, have a great July!

Using Story Telling For Online Marketing

John Sellwood

Ever since early humans were sitting in caves around a fire, we have loved a good story. It’s ingrained in our psyche. Moving to the modern age, many websites just don’t emotively connect to people, they provide the outline of the business and a menu of services, but often little else.

What was the gem of the idea that sparked the business? What are some interesting anecdotes? Are there any real-world stories that encapsulate how you help people? Is there a dilemma in your industry that needs discussing?

Stories can be conveyed via text content, imagery and audio, but using video content trumps the other methods. Recently we met with John Sellwood, the well-known NZ journalist, who has packaged together a great approach for video story telling. Check him out at www.tellinglives.co.nz.

You can take a fairly straight-laced approach or if you are looking for large pick-up by a wider audience, go for something off-centre, controversial or with a compelling human-interest angle.

If you create video content, you can upload it to YouTube, embed it on relevant pages of your site and share it on social media. If you hit the right notes, it’ll get shared by people, improve your SEO coverage on video content and help your website conversion rates.

Get in touch with Avatar if you’d like to throw around some ideas.

Top Value Pick

Google Search Console. An extremely useful part of the Google website tool suite. In essence, it’s an adjunct to Google Analytics that allows you identify website issues, view the search queries that brings in your traffic, see your website’s backlinks and provides a range of other useful morsels. Find a good overview here.


Creative Data Visualization. Check out these 17 examples of how to creatively bring your data to life.

Mars By 2025. Here’s a good summary of SpaceX’s planned missions, starting with an unmanned mission in just two years.

Space Shuttle Launch. A neat perspective of the July, 2011 Atlantis space shuttle launch from the pilot of a plane 13 miles away.

Sites Of Interest

Here are a few sites we’ve been working on recently.

USAVE Van & Truck Rentals (Web Design)

USave Van & Truck Rentals

Steelbro (SEO)


Cartoon Of The Month


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