Avatar News: June 2017

Written By: Mark Rocket & Joanne Coleman
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All,

We’ll kick-off with a couple of Avatar updates. Firstly, we’ve moved from our Ferrymead office and are now located in the Christchurch CBD at 4 Ash Street. It’s superb to be back in the central city again.

The other big news is that we’ve partnered with Wired Internet Group. They’re now working with us on design, development and hosting, whereas the Avatar team are focusing on search engine optimisation and online marketing.

Do get in touch if you have any questions or if it’s time for a catch up!

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

There’s typically a lot of discussion about “On-Page SEO” where the focus is on creating quality content, improving usability and perfecting website performance. It is equally important to work on building a quality online reputation for your website – labelled “Off-Page SEO” by the industry. Search engines use algorithms to assess links, relationships and related content (including social media presence, comments, brand mentions and reviews etc) to determine how powerful your brand is.

Off-page SEO helps determine the validity of your website by providing a quantifiable measure of its online authenticity. Effectively search engines want to answer the simple question – do people consider your website to be useful and high quality? Here’s a few of the areas of focus for off-page SEO for New Zealand websites.

1. Create A Stellar Product Or Service
When a product or service is excellent people are going to say good things, it’s as simple as that. Aim to wow people and promotion becomes an easy task, particularly in New Zealand where we have a relatively small marketplace.

2. Provide Outstanding Customer Service
Ensure good systems are in place to avoid negative customer experiences both online and offline. Poor customer reviews placed online can come back to bite you. The idea is to build a positive brand image overall.

3. Think About Your Audience
Knowing the target audience inside out is absolutely essential. What are they doing online? What are they searching for? What other websites do they visit? Where in New Zealand are they located? How, when and where do they search? Make a strategy to address these areas.

4. Review Your Social Media Presence
Regularly review your social media strategy and go for quality over quantity. You don’t have to be on every social media platform, but what you do have a presence in, do it well – keep it up to date and responsive.

5. Utilise Relatable Influencers
Aligning with influential people from online platforms like social media or blogs is a great way to reach those who are already showing an interest in relatable industry topics. Who is influencing your New Zealand target market? What are they talking about? What kinds of people follow them? Why? Think about how you can work with your market’s top influencers.

6. Participate In Online Discussions
Look for comment sites, industry or news sites where people are talking about relatable product/service or local industry topics? Get involved, make comments, post useful additional information that drives the discussion or give positive feedback in a professional manner.

7. Make Use Of Images And Video
Consumers are huge fans of images and video, both are highly sharable forms of content that are entertaining and easily viewed on mobile devices. Think “How To” YouTube clips and amusing Facebook Live snippets, or sharing on sites like Snapchat or Instagram. Where possible why not make use of some of New Zealand’s famous scenery and beautiful landscapes?

Striking a balance between on-page SEO and off-page SEO is essential for good search engine optimisation. Keep in mind they go together hand in hand and are both necessary in the on-going pursuit of higher rankings, increased site traffic and the ultimate goal of more conversions. Contact Avatar if you’d like to talk more about SEO strategies for your website.

Top Value Pick

Dream Big. When Rocket Lab publicly launched as a company in New Zealand in 2007, it had one employee and audacious dream to create a space launch business in New Zealand. Ten years later the company has over 100 employees, is a unicorn (a high-tech company valued over USD one billion) and had a very successful first launch of their new Electron vehicle on May 25th, 2017.


Responding To Negative Reviews. It’s hard to please everyone all the time and sometimes things just go wrong. Here are some great suggestions on how to deal with negative reviews.

VR180. Google has created a new virtual reality format that offers a 180 degree perspective, instead of the typical 360 degrees. It could be a useful stepping stone while the capability for mainstream hi-fidelity VR is being developed.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. TV journalist and presenter John Sellwood has created a great video intro for VR and AR.

Sites Of Interest

Here are a few sites we’ve been working on recently.

Cardiology Specialists (Web Design)

Cardiology Specialists

University Of Canterbury (Web Marketing)

University Of Canterbury

Cartoon Of The Month


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