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March 2015

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All!

Have you registered the shortened .nz version of your domain yet?  (e.g. www.avatar.nz)  If not, this is something you should certainly do to protect your online brand and ensure a competitor doesn’t get hold of it. Do a domain check at www.anyname.nz.

With March wrapping up the business year, it’s a good time to review your annual checklists. One important consideration is ensuring your website is fully optimised and ready to convert visitors into taking action. We cover some key points in this month’s newsletter, and also bring you a selection of tid bits and sites of interest.

Essential Checklist For Conversion Optimisation

Conversion optimisation is essential for getting the most bang for your buck from your website. Driving enquiries and sales is the key function of any business website – everything about the design, graphics and marketing should be focused in on this point. Ensuring your website is fully optimised for conversions is what makes your investment pay off in real terms. There are many things you can do to keep customers moving towards the conversion goal, ranging from small tweaks to website structure changes. Run through the following checklist to determine whether there are any points your website could improve on.

  1. Can you reduce your form fields? The less information people need to give you, the more likely they are to submit a form. Getting someone on your mailing list or requesting more information about a product is a big step in the sales process, and all you need for it is a name and email. Having more data does of course allow you to make more deductions about the kind of customers using your site, but engagement is crucial.
  2. Are your calls to action clear? Having your CTA visible on the page without scrolling down contributes hugely to conversion rate. Make sure the next step is not only visible but identifiable – customers need to know where they can get their queries answered, make an enquiry, or submit an order. Ideally, there should be a step for people who both need more information and for those who are ready to buy the product right away.
  3. Can you add an incentive to your offer? There are many kinds of incentives on marketing offers, ranging from a free bonus tool or service, a discount or an extra bonus product. The word “free” has a great effect on customers in particular, when displayed in a visible place near a call to action.
  4. Can you prove other people have enjoyed your product? One of the strongest determining factors in customer choice is the awareness that other people have also bought the product. In most cases, consumers want to follow the herd and will assume the choice most people make is the correct one. There are many ways you can demonstrate this on your website, ranging from testimonials to a widget that displays Tweets mentioning the product with good feedback.
  5. Can you reduce friction? User testing is a great way to find any obstacles that make it harder for customers to convert. Things like making targeted landing pages, reducing the navigation options on landing pages, shortening forms and cutting down text will all help smooth out the process. A site like Usertesting.com offers real feedback from people accessing your site with a specified goal in mind.

Running through your website with a conversion checklist ensures your business website is doing what it needs to do – driving home enquiries, purchases and conversions. Though the changes may be to the design, layout or content, the benefits will be in financial terms.

Statistic Of The Month

81.65%. Google-made phone operating system Android has now claimed over 80% of the global smartphone market, causing iOS to dip to 14.8%. A large part of this is due to to it being installable on a wide range of phones, unlike iOS, however it also signals a growing strength for Google-made products.


The Engagement Factor. A strong level of engagement has proven to be linked to providing SEO benefits for your website.

Essential SEO Tools. This comprehensive list provides a run down on the best free and paid SEO tools in the business.

Mars Final 100. The list of candidates enlisting for a one-way mission to Mars has been narrowed down to 100 people, from over 200,000 applicants.

Lenovo Superfish Scandal. A pre-installed piece of software (more accurately, malware) has caused a massive security breach in Windows on Lenovo computers.

Google Wants To Offer Wireless. Google has officially announced its plans to make experiments into providing a wireless carrier for services.

Sites Of Interest

A selection of sites we’ve worked on recently in web design, WordPress setups and/or web marketing.

Asbestos Assessors NZ
Assesses the asbestos levels contained in New Zealand buildings, suggesting solutions for disposal.

The Cylinder Guy
Fast and professional hot water cylinder installation, repair and maintenance services.

Southern Wings (Web Marketing)
A New Zealand aviation college that trains commercial-level pilots of both small and large planes.

IoD (Web Marketing)
The Institute of Directors helps develop leadership skills for both new and experienced directors.

Great War Exhibition
The future site of an exhibition that spotlights the important role New Zealand played during WWI.

Integrity Built
A Canterbury-owned building company, covering extensions, partial rebuilds and bespoke design builds.

The Endoscopy Clinic
A Christchurch-based clinic offering services aimed at preventing the high rate of bowel cancer in New Zealand.

St Thomas’ College
An integrated boy’s school for students aged year 7-13, based in Christchurch.

Cartoon Of The Month

Reprinted With Permission

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