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November 2012

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill
Published by: Avatar Ltd

 Greetings All,

The count down to the end of the year is on! Retailers are piling on the decorations and playing carols on loop. People are prepping up for holidays. Now is the perfect time to make sure everything’s sorted on your website before the summer shut down. This month’s newsletter contains an inside scoop from Mark Rocket on the recent Google Partner Day in Sydney, along with our usual roundup of recent projects and fascinating tidbits. Enjoy!

Google Partner Day

On October 24th, Google held its annual conference at their HQ in Sydney. Google Partner Day is an invitation-only event for the top online publishers in Australasia. This year there weren’t any major new announcements; however Google did reiterate two key trends.

Mobile Usage
The importance and permanence of the growing mobile device audience is not to be underestimated. With the extensive range of smart phones, tablets and mini-tablets being released every year, many websites are seeing mobile device usage averaging 10% or more. In real terms, that means out of every 1000 visitors, 100 or more might have a below-par user experience. Standard web design is optimised for desktop or laptop computer screen sizes, so websites can be difficult to navigate and hard to read on devices with smaller screens. These usage figures will only go up, so Google emphatically advises web owners to review how their site performs on a mobile device and ask if they can do more to improve this.  If you’re using Google Analytics (and you absolutely should), Google offers a useful guide for measuring mobile usage rates and even which devices and screen sizes are most common.

The second trend commented on was the rapid expansion of Google’s social network known as g+. According to Google, it has reached 400 million accounts and 100 million active users since it was first launched in Sept 2011, making it the fastest growing social network ever. Now’s a good time for New Zealand website operators to consider implementing a g+ strategy and creating a Google+ Business page.


Pledge to freedom.  Many people aren’t aware that the free and open nature of the internet could well be under threat. Google’s petition and lobbying aims to fight this.

Free internet radio. Pandora has been popular in North America for a while now, thanks to its combination of legal music streaming and an algorithm that learns what kind of music you like. Now it’s available here in New Zealand!

Harness marketing. Fresh from the ever-useful SeoMOZ blog, this article provides fascinating insights on how marketing can brand and grow your business.

Attack of the cute.  Having a bad day? Maybe feeling a little bit down and disillusioned with life? This website knows how to fix that.

Sites Of Interest

Ashburton Guardian
An online front page for a local newspaper, including subscriptions and features.Ashburton Guardian
Cookie Time Shop
A Christmas-themed online shop selling buckets of your favourite flavour of cookies.CookieTime Shop
Apollo Motel
A luxury hotel set in the heart of Christchurch, with an online booking form and testimonials.Apollo Motel
Bedrock Solutions
A workplace health and safety business with online resources available via a members-only section.Bedrock Solutions



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