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November 2015

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All,
Does your website look a bit stale and behind the times? This month our feature article reviews some web design trends we expect to see in 2016. We have a value link about using Google auto complete for keyword ideas and our usual tidbits, sites of interest and cartoon of the month.

Upcoming Web Design Trends For 2016

Web design is a constantly changing industry, and you need to keep aware of the latest trends if you want to stay relevant and appear modern. Websites with outdated design practices will feel old-school to a user, making them question the credibility of your business.

1. Intuitiveness. With artificial intelligence and automated systems playing an increasingly large part in website structure, it has sparked a design movement to make websites feel more personalised and intuitive. You might not use an AI system like Google’s on your website, but you may have intelligent and predictive booking forms, purchase pages or quotes – a big trend for 2016 will be making these automatic services into a warmer and more personalised experience.

2. Go bold. In recent years, web-safe colours have been preferred and many websites use muted colours to create a tasteful, inoffensive palette. However, this means there is a glut of blues, pale toned and white-orientated websites around, so if you’re looking to give your site more visual impact then go with brighter, more saturated and unexpected colour combinations.

3. Flat design. Kicked off by new designs in Windows 8 and iOS7, the trend of flat design (simple shapes, minimal shading, no drop shadows, no 3D effects) is set to continue. Aside from looking fresh, sleek and modern, they’re also easier to design and to update an existing design. Flat design suits a huge range of websites, and is a fast and easy way to modernise an older site.

4. Freehand illustration. Personalised and hand-drawn illustration can be an investment for your website, but the effect is immediate – a wow factor, and a major distinction for your website. It won’t suit every business, but where appropriate it can enhance the visual appeal.

5. Interactive elements. Most web users these days are also smart phone users, which means they’re familiar with the use of apps. They take naturally to interactive elements, and you can use this to your advantage when constructing the navigation of your site. Navigating to find the right option, entering information and viewing samples can all be done with a more app-like interface.

6. Long scrolling sites. This has already begun as a trend, but having a tall, long-scrolling site is set to become more popular. Of course, you need to balance the pages so that they aren’t too intensive and won’t slow down your loading times. This also allows you to do storytelling with your content, leading users on a journey that gets them immersed in your product and leads to a call to action.

Top Value Pick

Changes To The Google Auto Complete. Google recently made some big changes to their auto complete function – that is, the algorithm that tries to guess what you’re searching for as you type it. Not only is this function handy for searchers, people interested in SEO can use it to gather data about the kinds of phrases that searchers are looking for. Start typing a main keyword and see what Google suggests – chances are, the suggestions are phrases that people have been using frequently.


Grab Festive Shoppers. The secret to taking advantage of the online Christmas retail rush is to write specific targeted Google ads.

Get Ready For Christmas. Much like Christmas decorations in the mall, it’s important for online retailers to also spruce up their web store for Christmas.

Turn Old Into Gold. Save yourself the effort of constantly writing new blog posts by simply repurposing older content for big gains.

Optimise Niche Stores. For store serving a niche market, you need to build a presence within the specific audience for the best results.

Boost Email Clicks. An excellent case study shows how a marketer increased their email click through rate by 842%.

Weeder Bot. This smart robot can determine weeds from plants based on leaf shape, making it possible to rid crops of weeds without herbicides.

Sites Of Interest

A selection of sites we’ve worked on recently in web design, WordPress setups and/or web marketing.

Providing custom-build sales force automation software to help streamline business sales.
Swallows Crossing
An estate winery based in Central Otago, that also provides luxury accommodation.
Kelly Commercial Water Treatment
A specialist in commercial water treatment solutions, with experience in both parts and maintenance.
Avatar Portfolio
View a selection of website designs created by Avatar for a range of different clients.

Cartoon Of The Month

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