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Written By: Mark Rocket
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2019 year is flying by and we haven’t had time to send out as many newsletter updates as we have in previous years. So we’ve aimed to make this an extra useful edition with a feature article giving some tips on how to combine the power of Google and Facebook, a special offer, interesting tidbits, and sites of interest.

We’ll finish the intro with a wee thought for the month… 
Dance to the moon and reach for the stars.

Dance to the moon and reach for the stars

Combining Google With Facebook To Increase Website Results

On average 1.59 billion people log onto Facebook each day according to the Facebook Newsroom. Then, if we take a look at Google’s search stats we see that there are 3.5 billion Google searches done every day. Given the mind-boggling size of these statistics, it’s not hard to understand why businesses and marketers would want to make the most of these audiences. Even better, how can you compound their reach and power?

Whether you are a small start-up or well established business, combining your Google SEO and AdWords efforts with the targeted marketing offered by Facebook Business Pages and Ads can deliver excellent results.

A key advantage of the Google platform is targeted intent. When people are searching on a keyword, they are actively seeking out a solution related to those specific keywords. For this reason, Google AdWords will typically cost more per click. Whereas the Facebook platform advantage is being able to target specific audience demographics, so if you have a clear idea who wants your offering, then Facebook Ads can provide a cost-effective way to reach them.

If you haven’t got one already, it’s important to create a Facebook Business page. Then you can use this set up to run your Facebook Ad campaigns. Similarly, to get the best out of your Google presence, it is important to create a Google My Business page. It’s simplest if you use the same Gmail account for Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google AdWords.

Here are five things we regularly do, that you might want to consider, to combine the power of Google and Facebook:

#1. Facebook Ads to promote top content
Review what’s your most popular content on your website, then select which of these content topics would be worthwhile using Facebook Ads to bring in more traffic. Simply go to your Google Analytics and check out what your most popular pages are.

#2. Facebook Ads to promote new content
A winning formula is to create new outstanding content that truly offers value to your target market, then create a Facebook Ads campaign. Examples are industry tips, industry interviews and “how to” articles. If you’ve done a top job on the content, then this will generate links to your website which will greatly benefit your SEO efforts.

#3. Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to promote special offers
Create a sales-orientated landing page on your website and include a compelling call to action. Make an offer your target market can’t refuse. Then use this landing page for your Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns.

#4. Facebook Ads to promote events
Create an event-orientated landing page on your website and highlight why the event is unmissable for your target market. Then use this landing page for your Facebook ad campaign. We’ve had great results with Facebook Ads for quickly filling up events with targeted audience members at very cost-effective rates.

#5. Facebook to improve Google SEO
A properly targeted Facebook Ad will not only bring traffic to your site but it will bring traffic that is engaged. When Google sees good engagement on your website pages where visitors staying a while on your website, then that can improve the SEO authority of your website. Engagement tells Google how well your site performs and how it meets the requirements of your customer.

If you’re paying for Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, then double check that your landing pages have a strong call to action. You want more of these paid visitors to result in a goal conversion to ensure you get a good return on investment. Contact Avatar if you’d like to talk about your online marketing.

Getting Stellar SEO Results

Fast Google Traffic Boost
If you have a limited budget but are looking for a lift in website traffic, then we have 50% off this service (making it just $750+GST one-off).

Monthly SEO
Make use of the SEO snowball effect, where your traffic and conversions keep on growing. We see a lot of websites are missing out on low hanging fruit that is there for the taking. Our monthly options start out at $660+GST per month (with recommended minimum of three months). Some examples of client website results we’re proud of this year:

  • Traffic from 0 to 19,000+ monthly search engine visits.
  • Page one rankings for 280+ industry keywords.
  • Increased traffic by 91% in 90 days.


Website Speed. If you haven’t checked your website speed for a while, then use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. If your site is running slow, then consider using services like Cloud Flare, Google Cloud CDN or Amazon CloudFront to improve speeds and give extra security protection.

How To Make A Black Hole In A Science Lab. Kind of disturbing, just hope it doesn’t get too big.

Upgrade Your Understanding Of Physics. Physicist Harry Cliff does a stellar job here in this incredibly informative one hour video.

Why Winners Keep Winning. An interesting reflection on cumulative advantage and accepting the luck in your life.

Sites Of Interest

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