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October 2012

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All,

As the end of the year approaches things are starting to heat up at Avatar, with lots of interesting web projects on the boil and so many big questions to be answered. Will Obama get re-elected? Will the All Blacks make a clean sweep of their Northern Hemisphere tour? Is Gangnam Style going to be Psy’s only big international hit? Will the Mayan predictions be proven wrong and a new apocalypse scheduled? Will 2013 mean less marriages and babies due to superstition?

We predict YES to all of these big questions, but no one can be certain. What we are certain of, is that this month’s newsletter offers some useful search engine optimisation tips for WordPress, plus of course our usual range of tidbits and sites of interest. May you enjoy.

WordPress SEO Tips

There’s good reason for WordPress being world’s most popular website content management system – it’s easy to use, simple to set up and makes content creation a breeze. However, as with any website, good search engine optimisation practices are essential. Here are a few tips and tricks to get SEO humming for your WordPress site.

1.       Don’t use WordPress.com hosting. For lightweight blogs and personal websites, the WordPress.com site takes out all the hard work by offering domain names, hosting and set-up that are as streamlined and automated as possible. The price you pay for this is a restriction of SEO. Because the underlying domain is hosted by WordPress, that’s where the credit goes. Most independent hosts will have WordPress installation support, so while it will take a little longer to set up it’s well worth it in the long run.

2.       Plugins make content optimisation easy. With developers across the globe, there are many plugins you can take advantage of. All In One SEO and Yoast are two top plugins for adding basic keyword optimisation to all your pages. Add titles, keywords and meta descriptions to any page with significant content, using your normal keyword research strategies such as the Google Keyword Tool.

3.       Plugins can also help in related areas. Broken Link Checker will send you alerts on any faulty links, and there are tons of social media plugins that will add sharing functionality to your site. To measure your stats, Google Analyticator lets you add the GA tracking code without going under the hood, and the Google Analytics Dashboard brings you site traffic summaries from the very first page.

4.       Top quality content is key. With such easy content management and creation, this is one of the biggest assets WordPress offers you in terms of SEO. Blogging capabilities are built right into the interface, and posts can be created with the same ease as a standard word processor. Great content that attracts links from other websites is one of the best ways to build quality SEO.

5.       Interact with visitors. WordPress gives you the power to host and moderate comments, so it’s worthwhile considering how you can encourage your readers to interact as much as possible. Gaining the approval of a human audience is becoming increasingly important for SEO, and it also builds a loyal fan base. You can also enable trackbacks which will appear in the comment system whenever someone links to or shares your articles.

6.       Standard SEO practices apply. Interlink your content pages with each other. Optimise content URLs so that they contain keywords and give a good overview of the article. Format text so that page titles, headings and bolded text contain key phrases. Try to create content that is genuinely useful, original and has a chance of getting interest from your viewers.

Let the Avatar team know if you’d like to talk about SEO for your website.


Brush up on your colour theory. Ever wondered how designers can throw together seemingly random colours and make them look great? If you learn the basic rules of colour, you’ll understand exactly how it works.

A nice gesture from one competitor to another. To congratulate Microsoft on the release of IE10, the team at Mozilla made them a cake – returning the same favour Microsoft did for them.

Vegan food. From Former President Clinton, Ellen Degeneres to Pamela Anderson, going vegan is an interesting popular trend. Feel that eating vegan food might be boring?  These vegan recipe pictures could change your mind.

A new way to find cheap, friendly accommodation. AirBNB is taking off as a safe and affordable way of finding boarding-style accommodation anywhere in the world.

The nicest place on the internet. Feeling a little down? A virtual hug from a stranger might be just what you need.

Sites Of Interest

John Crocker and Associates
Property management and consultancy services. Business to business, conferences, seminars and training.

John Crocker

NGB Industries
A range of solutions to assist in converting companies’ technological challenges, with site shopping cart.

NGB Industries

A Medical Administration system developed to reduce admin and risk, and to improve quality and reporting.


New Zealand industrial employment solutions for employers looking for staff and for people seeking a job.




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