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October 2014

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill

Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All,It’s scary how fast the year is rolling by, with Halloween almost upon us. It’s also frightening to miss out on business; so this month we’re talking about determining the value of phone calls made by your website visitors. We also have the usual cauldron of bizarre and thrilling treats awaiting you. There’s certainly no spooky hocus pocus going on here.

Valuing The Phone Calls You Get From Your Website

Let’s face it; many businesses are lax in how they handle their website communications – whether it’s phone calls, bookings, orders, enquiry web forms or emails. Slow replies are rife, and sometimes you never hear back from a business at all. A lot of people want to bypass the expected delayed email response and talk to someone immediately on the phone. However, many businesses don’t value or track phone calls generated from their website.

From our experience of working with hundreds of business websites, the number of phone call enquiries will often exceed that of emails and website forms. Phone enquiries enable businesses to personally connect directly with a customer, and can give an opportunity to close the deal.

A key benefit of phone call leads is that they are immediate – the person is currently looking for something, and is reaching out with the intent of finding information quickly. If you take more than a day or two, they’ll probably be already looking elsewhere to find an alternate solution before you can respond. Often you only have an hour or two before they’ve moved on to a competitor.

Here’s some ideas to check you’re making the most of the phone calls you get through your website:

1. Professional answering system. Have a robust phone answering system in place to ensure they aren’t turned off immediately. If you have multiple extensions, check they are clearly listed in the order you think will be relevant to customers, with enough information that they know which one they need to select to take care of their enquiry.

2. Impress and delight. People are impressed and delighted when there is an immediate response. It makes a powerful first impression if you call them back within a few minutes of them submitting a form or leaving a message. Even if it’s just a quick call to acknowledge their message and to schedule a time to talk in-depth.

3. Be prepared to woo. When you get a person enquiring about your business, it’s vital to make a good first impression and put your best foot forward. Get clarity around what you want the next step to be, whether that’s a face to face meeting, scheduling a requirements analysis phone call, filling out the online order form with them or selling them on the spot.

4. Volume and source tracking. To measure the success of your website at generating phone calls, phone call tracking can be integrated into Google Analytics. This allows you to receive missed call notifications via email, access real-time tracking reports and see how many calls were missed, how long they stayed on the phone for, and where the call came from.

In summary, phone leads from websites are valuable and should be prioritised. Think about doing some tests of your system and make use of any feedback you’re getting about how things could be improved.

Statistic Of The Month

Trillion Dollar Company. Though Apple is currently worth more, market analysts say that it may in fact be Google who crosses the trillion dollar company mark first – their prediction is around 2020. Though Apple’s stocks are worth more, experts cite a larger range of investments and projects that Google has interest in, which may provide a better long-term yield.


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Google+ Not Required. For a while, signing up for a Gmail account forced you to claim a Google+ profile. In recognition that this was a bit sneaky, Google has now made this optional.

Beyond First Class. Find out what it’s like to fly Singapore Airline’s $23,000 Suites Class from Singapore to New York.

Sites Of Interest

A selection of sites we’ve worked on recently in web design, WordPress setups and/or web marketing.

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Cartoon Of The Month

Reprinted With Permission

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