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October 2015

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill
Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All,
The secret to a successful business website isn’t just getting visitors, it’s converting them into sales. This month, we’re looking at some common traps that can affect your results. Plus we have our usual selection of useful tidbits from around the internet. A huge sporting weekend beckons, go the mighty All Blacks!

Boost Website Conversions By Avoiding These Common Traps

Improving your conversions can be as simple as fixing some common mistakes that often plague websites and inadvertently discourage both potential customers and search engines. It’s not always easy for search engines to determine exactly what a “useful” website is, so they can look out for a number of red flags to determine when a website is being “un-useful”. Triggering too many of these red flags will be detrimental to your search engine rankings and also negatively affect visitors completing your goal conversions.

1. Slow loading times. Loading time definitely factors into how a search engine views your website, and it can also kill conversion rates if it takes too long for visitors to achieve what they want to. Javascript and heavy CSS sheets can slow your site down, so consider trimming these elements. If you use WordPress, you can download plugins that will compress pages and images on your site.

2. Flash elements and overly complex websites. Though dynamic, constantly changing website designs can be slick and nice to use, they can be extremely difficult to optimise for SEO, containing no static content or URLs to embed with keywords. A mixture of solid pages and more dynamic elements works better. Keep the layout and content easy to follow, make it easy for people to get to the content they’re interested in.

3. Poor image choice and placement. Browsing websites is first and foremost a visual experience. Use good quality images that best reflect your offering and take time to ensure placement is complementary to your key text messages.

4. Autoplay. One of most aggravating internet inventions is autoplay. This technique should be used judiciously. It can come across as pushy and many users will close a window instantly upon hearing a video or audio clip play.

5. Obnoxious pop-ups. Pop-up boxes are another contentious trend in online marketing, they feature a lot on websites that offer a subscription feed. They can be highly effective, but you must be careful how you use them and make sure they can be closed easily.

6. Having no clear calls to action. Go to each page on your website, and ask yourself what the next step is from there. If you can’t see one, then you’re likely not optimising the pages’ potential. Help guide visitors towards the desired conversion goal by making it crystal clear.

7. Not engaging your visitors. What is some outstanding content you can offer your target audience that adds real value right off the bat? Giving something of use away online is a powerful technique that works on many different levels. People will like/respect your brand more, it will add to industry credibility and encourage people to want to link to your content. Also, it will lower your bounce rate (people quickly leaving your website), which is another important metric that Google looks at.

8. Complicated check out or enquiry forms. Once your visitor is convinced you’re legit, you still need to make the buying or enquiry process as easy as possible. The less steps and the simpler you make it the better.

9. Missing the golden hour. Immediately make a favourable impression by replying to people as soon as possible. This is especially important for first-time enquiry contacts. International studies have shown that every hour that goes by, your statistical chances of conversion goes down. They may have shopped around elsewhere or lost interest.

If your website is getting a reasonable traffic volume but isn’t performing the way you want it to, then something needs to change.

Top Value Pick

9 Best Practices To Increase Registrations. Registration is a key component of so many business websites, especially those involved in ecommerce or dependant on repeat visitors. If you have a community or want to encourage engagement, registrations can be incredibly important for these too. This article from Conversioner provides actionable tips to encourage users to sign up with you, and begin an ongoing relationship with your brand. Tips include how to shorten the process and what to include on the signup page.


Mobile Globe. According to data from Google, half of all searches worldwide now take place on mobile devices.

Day In The Life. If you’ve ever been curious about the day-to-day tasks of an SEO consultant, here’s your guide to the other side.

Cart Ditchers. If you’re finding that a frustrating number of customers are bailing on their shopping carts, there may be a simple issue behind it.

Take A Pit-Stop. Google Maps now allows you to factor stops along the way into your journey, and to check the price of gasoline for your trip.

Inside Amazon. This expose into the Seattle-based tech giant is an interesting read that might make you sweat at the idea of working there.

Password Poetry. One of the most effective ways to make a secure password that you’ll remember is through poetry.

Sites Of Interest

A selection of sites we’ve worked on recently in web design, WordPress setups and/or web marketing.

Southern Wings
A commercial and private pilot training school, where students from across the globe gain pilot licenses.
NZ Vegetarian Society
A national society for vegetarians and vegans, providing information on products, places and events.
DKW Recruitment Group
A recruitment firm dedicated to connecting employers and workers to find the best situations for both.
Murchison Motorhome Park
A camping ground located in the scenic Murchison area, with lots of amenities and attractions.

Cartoon Of The Month

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