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Avatar News: October 2016

Written By: Mark Rocket
Published by: Avatar Ltd

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We’ve got some great suggestions in two key areas that can give your website a tangible boost. Our main article is about search engine optimisation for mobile search and our top value pick is about Google My Business. Enjoy!

SEO For Mobile Search

SEO For Mobile Search

Online search behaviour differs on mobile devices and, while the traditional principles still apply, optimising for mobile search visibility requires a good understanding of consumer intent in order to achieve the best results. Ask yourself – “what do the majority of people want from my website when searching on a mobile device?” For some sites the answer is as simple as improving the visibility of the address and contact info, whereas for others it is much more complex.

The goal is to build a greater understanding of your potential customers, ensuring you are serving their mobile search needs. Here are some SEO tips for mobile search:

Research Device Specific Search Queries. Investigation into device clicks using Google Analytics will highlight which search queries are used more frequently on mobile rather than desktop. Importance needs to be placed on these regularly used keywords and search terms, incorporating them into your mobile site content where relevant.

Be Location Specific. At present mobile searches tend to focus more on localised intent, for example “where is the nearest vet?” or “what time is X movie on at X theatre?” Add your phone number and address to your website (ideally in the footer of each page) and your Google My Business profile.

Fix Errors Associated With Mobile Usability. Regardless of the amount of effort you put into optimising your website for mobile use, mobile-friendly crawl errors will reduce your chances of showing up in organic mobile search results. Reducing these errors can greatly improve the searchability of your site. View how well Google is indexing your site via Google Search Console.

Increase Page Speeds. Page speed is even more important for mobile search results. If your site does not load quickly, people are likely to touch the back arrow and potentially select a competitor listing. In addition, expect Google to rank faster sites higher than slower sites.

Mobile First. Typically sites are designed first for a desktop layout then the design is modified for mobile users. If mobile users are the key audience for your site, then this way of thinking can be flipped over by considering a “mobile first” web design approach.

Consider Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). A relatively new concept, the goal of AMP is to distribute published content with more efficiency for mobile users. Designed primarily for publishers only at this point, the Google AMP system promises greater visibility and potential future ranking benefits.

Remember Core Ranking Factors. Just because it’s for mobile search doesn’t mean you can ignore the core SEO basics, it is still important to have engaging content, quality inbound links, a robust technical setup and a clear user experience. In particular, optimising the page titles, meta descriptions, headings and the opening paragraph of text is important.

The Potential Of Voice Search. The rising popularity of voice search is also worth keeping in mind. Using conversational search terms via voice search is likely to move to the forefront of mobile SEO in the future.

Do some related keyword searches on your phone to test how your website comes up in Google’s mobile search pages. Ask people not involved with your company to put themselves in the shoes of your target audience and gauge their user experience. The Google search experience is continually updating, so it’s something you want to keep a frequent watch over.

Top Value Pick

Google Local Listings. The way Google has treated local listings over the years has been a moveable feast. Avatar’s blog post “Google My Business, Google Places, Google Maps, Google+… What Do They All Do?” provides a great summary of where things have been and what you need to consider in 2016.


Boy Accidentally Runs Up $110,000 Google Bill. Bet his parents were more than a little surprised.

Raise Your SEO Click Through Rate. This article gets a bit technical, but it has some great tips on how to get more traffic from search engines by optimising your page titles and other areas.

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Mount Pleasant Centre

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