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Avatar News: October 2018
Written by: Mark Rocket
Published by: Avatar Ltd 

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Spring’s blossoms are blooming and it’s the season of renewed growth, so it’s the perfect time to think about growing your online presence and making a quantum jump. But we’re online marketing people, so we would say that wouldn’t we. This month we’ve got actionable, succinct content for you that we hope will inspire action and give you fresh ideas.

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Featured Articles

Developing Your Business Story
Story telling is the big thing in marketing right now. It’s always been there lurking in the shadows but now people are more fully recognising how powerful of a factor it is. The NZ government have even launched an NZ Story website with tools and resources to help Kiwi businesses. This blog post provides five story development areas to consider. Get in contact with Avatar if you’d like us to arrange a free consultation with a branding expert to gain specific ideas for your business.

SEO Quick Tips For 2018
Achieving top Google rankings is highly reliant on quality back links, a keyword-rich content structure and a robust technical setup. While these elements are still crucial, we’ve compiled eight additional suggestions worth taking into account when optimising your website for Google Search in 2018.

20 Great Topic Ideas For Content Writing
Need some writing inspiration or help removing writer’s block? Here are some useful topic ideas that we guarantee will get your creative juices flowing. This Avatar blog post includes 20 topic ideas and further tips on how to write your blog post for optimal SEO results.

SPECIAL OFFER: Fast Google Traffic Boost
Do you want to quickly generate more website traffic and improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) results from Google? Avatar are currently offering a 50% discount on our Fast Google Traffic Boost service. For the special rate of just $750+gst, it’s an excellent way to take your rankings and traffic up a level.


Birth of Google. 20 years ago the Google leviathan was a tiny baby. This Wired article takes an indepth look back at how it all started.

Quantum Computing Boost. Numerous countries, China in particular, have been putting big bucks into quantum computing research. Recently, research in the US has been given a USD$250 million boost.

Moon landing tapes got wiped. In an unfortunate cost-saving measure, the original tapes got erased. But the good news is they have made high-quality restorations from copies.

Sites Of Interest

Bargain Chemist
Great online specials, excellent overall pricing and free delivery for orders over $69. This pharmacy team are sharp national operators, so we expect to see them grow online exponentially in the coming years.

Bargain Chemist

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