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August 2015

Written By: Mark Rocket & Katie O’Neill
Published by: Avatar Ltd

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The difference between a visitor and a customer can often come down to one thing – a great call to action. Providing the next step, as well as giving the motivation to take it, is a key consideration. This is our feature topic this month, plus our usual selection of picks from around the web.

How To Write Great Calls To Action

Your website text conveys essential information to your customers, but it’s also how you convince them to take the next step. It’s important for your content to be clear, concise and logically structured, but it also needs to include strong and persuasive calls to action. Of course, if you come across too pushy you risk alienating the viewer right away, so the context of your call to action is very important. Offer value, prove your expertise – and then make a move.


Headlines form an essential part of the advertising process, capturing attention and summarising the point of your entire page or blog post. There’s no single way to write a good headline, it depends on your business and your audience. Sometimes it’s worth trying something risky and cheeky, and other times a straight statement of value is a safer bet. Sites like Upworthy use long, descriptive headlines that truly capture the essence of the story in an intriguing way, while others like Search Engine Land use shorter, succinct titles that tend to explain what the article can do for you. Both are effective approaches, depending on the tone and audience of your website.


All customers are looking for good value – whether it’s quality, price or service. Incentives are an excellent way to show that you offer something competitors don’t. They also offer a reason to act right now – to snag a deal immediately, rather than to browse around further. It’s also an excellent opportunity to up sell, making your conversions more valuable. Some examples of effective incentives include:

  • Purchase now and receive an additional, free item or service.
  • Buy now and get a free upgrade to the next level of product or service.
  • Buy three for the price of two.
  • Get a XX% discount by buying now.

Every approach yields different results depending on your website and your customers. Keep track of the results each time you include an incentive, so you can measure which one is most effective.


Graphical buttons serve an important purpose – the audience recognises them as the next step to take, something that will put their desire into motion. Writing good button copy is a small but extremely important task. Of course, you can stick with the tried and true “Sign Up” or “Learn More” or “Get In Touch”, but more persuasive, descriptive phrases can be better. Things like “I want to improve my health” or “Show me how to raise conversions” offer an added level of value, and more reason to click.

Optimising the calls to action in your content can drastically impact your conversions, adding more value to your website and making it easier for customers to make a purchase.

Top Value Pick

FirstRound’s Real Growth Strategy. When you want to learn, learn from the best. This article analyses the growth strategy used by Facebook that helped it become the massive tech player it is today. It covers the basics of laying your ground work, as well as partnering, testing and strengthening your architecture. It also discusses when the right time is to focus on new user acquisition, and when you should put the effort onto customer retention.


Whats In A Name? Picking the right domain name for your website is a huge part of building your online brand presence.

Smart Facebook Ads. Facebook can be a good choice for paid advertising, so long as you choose the correct content and audience to reach.

Avoid Outreach Mistakes. Understand and avoid 5 common mistakes marketers make when outreaching.

Maximise Content Research. Researching good content angles takes time – so being able to get dozens of articles from one search is a huge bonus.

Right To Be Forgotten. The French ruling that people have a right to have links removed from search engines globally has far-reaching consequences.

Want A Million Dollars? Just prove to exploit dealership Zerodium that you can jailbreak Apple’s iOS 9, and it’s all yours.

Sites Of Interest

A selection of sites we’ve worked on recently in web design, WordPress setups and/or web marketing.

Motel Oasis

A fully equipped motel located in Gisborne, with conference, spa and recreational facilities.

Bishopdale Law

Providing both legal and mortgage contract services to Christchurch residents.

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