Avatar News: September 2017

Written By: Mark Rocket & Joanne Coleman
Published by: Avatar Ltd

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After an exciting New Zealand election run-up, we’re left floating in limbo to see what happens next. But not to worry, no matter what party is at the helm Google will still preside over online search in New Zealand for the foreseeable future. So it’s always a good time to think about how to boost your online presence.


Updating Old Website Content

Great website content needs to be useful… answering a question, offering useful resources or providing a solution to a problem. Creating new content can extend your keyword reach, but you can also review opportunities with your existing, older content.

Updating old website content has the advantage of having a quantifiable track record – it is possible to analyse whether it has been previously successful in generating any traffic. Take a look below at some tips on auditing existing content for search engine optimisation.

  • Identify Top Performing Content. When undertaking a content review, identifying the top landing pages from organic search is a good place to start. In Google Analytics, go to “Acquisition”, then “Search Console” and then “Landing Pages”. From here you can see the top performing pages along with other statistics such as click through rates, average ranking positions and bounce rates. Start reviewing and updating your most popular pages to make sure the content is up-to-date and consider whether to extend the content. Long-form content, 2,000+ words, is typically better for improved rankings and conversions.
  • Identify Top Performing Keywords. Review what keywords are delivering traffic for you. In Google Analytics, go to “Acquisition”, then “Search Console”, then “Queries”. Review what pages the keywords correlate to your website, then consider whether you can improve and extend the content for better rankings.
  • Further Topic Research. Once you have identified popular content and keywords, then you can dig deeper. Do some related Google searches to see what your online competition is doing. Do they have better content than you? Are there ideas you can incorporate into your content? Are there topics or areas not covered that could create an opportunity for you?
  • Re-Assess Relevance. Having identified top performing content, it is important to consider whether the content is still relevant to the current market – will it meet their needs and offer useful/helpful advice today? Have there been new industry developments? Also consider whether the content matches the current goals and objectives of your website.
  • Update Structure. Once all the above is done, then also consider creating new sub sections, interlinking internal key pages, add links to external resources, update title tags and update meta descriptions.
  • Increase Shareability. One of the top search engine ranking factors is gaining quality links from other websites into your website. If you have built a compelling resource, then people will naturally want to link to it. You can also drive traffic through social media by re-sharing it once you’ve updated it. You could also consider some targeted paid ads on Google, Facebook or Twitter.

Content reviews are worthwhile doing every 6 to 12 months. It’s the ideal way to analyse what content is performing and to maximise the potential of your website’s reach.


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