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April 2014

Written By: Mark Rocket, Paul Johnson & Katie O'Neill

Published by: Avatar Ltd

Greetings All!

Regularly unleashing stellar content onto your website will supercharge your results, so it’s an important area to get right. Avatar works with a wide range of clients on monthly website marketing, and one of the common challenges is coming up with great ideas for content writing – so hopefully you’ll find this month’s feature article useful.  You’ll also find the usual stat of the month, tidbits, sites of interest and cartoon.

14 Great Topic Ideas For Website Content Writing

Well-written content will engage your site visitors and will bring in new traffic from search engines. The ‘Holy Grail’ is for people to think your content is so good, that they want to share it with other people on their website, newsletter, Google+, Facebook and other social media outlets.

It’s not about publishing vanilla, boring drivel online – the aim is to really engage with people. Creating outstanding content requires creative thought and commitment. Here are some ideas that will fire up your imagination.

  1. Business Lessons. Talk about lessons that you have learned in your industry.
  2. Useful Tools. Review tools that you use in your life and business, and explain how those tools are used, create a video or promote an in-house tool and explain its benefits. You can also talk about how a tool you use every day has saved you time and money.
  3. Insightful Lists. Nearly everyone loves a useful list, with subjects like, “Top 5 Reasons to…” etc. Hey, watch out, you’re reading one now!
  4. Common Problems. Ponder common industry roadblocks people come against, or questions that customers or others ask. Providing helpful answers to typical questions can be a gold mine of opportunity to write content that you target audience will love.
  5. Industry News. Provide opinion pieces about the industry that you know will interest others. For instance, if you are in the property management business, then you could comment about mortgage rates as they occur.
  6. How-To Tutorials. Another area people love is “how-to” content. You could write about a 5-step process that shows people how to do a useful task, or interview an expert and write about their insights.
  7. Company Culture And Values. What it is like to be part of your team and how have your values helped build relationships?
  8. Industry Events. Are there events or conferences coming up? Or can you write about what happened at the events after they occur?
  9. Industry Research. Talk about the research that is going on in your industry. Make a prediction about how a new policy or technology will impact the future.
  10. Promotional Content. Host a contest and give away a new product, tickets to an event, or a free consultation. Give updates on how the promotion is going and celebrate the subsequent winners.
  11. Seasonal Variations. At special times of the year such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, talk about how that affects you and your business or what you do to celebrate.
  12. Re-purpose Existing Content. Once topics are posted or published, you can turn blog posts into videos, or you can take an old popular post and give a modern update or review after a period of time has elapsed.
  13. Incoming Search Terms. Check your website’s incoming search terms in Google Webmaster Tools and write further about the queries searchers on your site are entering. This is generally a sure bet because you know your target audience is interested in these topic areas.
  14. Provocative Material. From time to time you might contemplate an idea that polarises people. Do you have any strong beliefs or opinions on things going on in your industry? As we all know, the media loves a bit of controversy, so this can also be a great way to broaden the coverage of your content.

We suggest you use these topics for blog posts, newsletters, FAQs, video updates and the like. Then be sure to share and promote your great content via your social media channels. We hope you found some of these great topic ideas useful. Contact Avatar if you want to talk about creating some top content for your website.

Statistic Of The Month

27% Market Share – Despite no longer being officially supported by Microsoft, Windows XP continues to hold the second largest stake in the operating system share. Although users quickly fully adopted Windows 7, they have been less quick about taking on its successor, Windows 8, which only holds around 10%. This may be due in part to many business computers using Windows XP, and not being able to justify the cost of a company-wide infrastructure upgrade.


Avatar Acquires OnPage1 Media. Avatar is excited to announce the acquisition of OnPage1 Media, bringing a new range of clients and new talent to the team.

Safe WordPress Updates. Updating WordPress can be frought with complications, and create compatibility problems between themes and plugins. Get it right and protect your site.

Plug In Google Maps. There are some very easy ways to add the functionality of Google Maps to any WordPress website with a variety of plugins.

Set Better Analytics Goals. Measuring your website statistics and traffic through Analytics is important, and so is setting concrete goals.

Link Building Is Still Important. Many people are jumping on the fad-wagon that links don’t matter anymore, but the truth is that Google certainly takes note of a site with quality links. The key point many people are missing: avoid low quality links, but cherish quality links. Here’s an insightful article about contemporary link building at Search Engine Watch.

Japan's 'Research Whaling' Ruled Illegal By International Court of Justice.  Finally.  Took long enough for common sense to prevail, but still, it's an important victory for lovers of animals and the environment. View Greenpeace’s blog post about it.

The Internet Is Perfect For New Zealand Businesses. An open letter from Google New Zealand encourages Kiwi businesses to take advantage of the freedom and reach provided by the net.

Sites Of Interest

A selection of sites we’ve worked on recently in web design, WordPress setups and/or web marketing.

Supporting Kiwis working abroad in the arts and music through scholarships and networking.
Truescape help negotiate the relationship between businesses and their stakeholders.
European inspired tiles for all areas of the home, designed to look great and go the distance.
Cool camping and glamping rentals, for outdoor holidays with both style and comfort.

Cartoon Of The Month

Reprinted With Permission

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