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Avatar knows the importance of online / digital marketing for modern businesses. They come in many forms, and are the keys to ensuring your website is seen by a huge potential audience. The techniques and tools are constantly changing, and Avatar’s experience means we can come up with a full and powerful strategy for your website that’s always up to date.

Why Do I Need Online Marketing?

No matter how fantastically designed and full of relevant content your website is, without a constant stream of fresh visitors it won’t add any actual value to your business. These new visitors are your potential customers, and while your website should be designed in order to convert sales as efficiently as possible, it’s always going to need material to work with.

The internet is one of the best ways to reach a relevant and active audience. It is fast becoming the first-choice resource whenever someone has a need – whether it’s buying a specific product or finding a local business that best suits their requirements. They expect fast and accurate results, and you can take advantage of this expectation by being the website that they find. The online audience is only set to expand, with more and more people accessing via mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

How Do Types Of Online Marketing Work?

The primary aim of digital marketing is to increase the visibility of your website. This can be done in a number of ways, each targeting a different audience.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) focuses on getting your website to rank highly on major search engines, particularly Google. This search giant is by far the most common way of accessing the web for most people, and for finding what they want in a hurry. The closer your website is to the top when a potential customer types in a search phrase, the more likely they are to click on your link. This brings them to your site and ready to be converted into a sale.

Email Marketing is the creation of newsletters and other digital mailing material to both entice and retain customers. It’s important never to infringe onto the territory of spam, but by providing something of value and interest you naturally build up an audience and give people a reason to listen to you.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads can work great as a “shot in the arm” to get your online marketing campaign cranking, and to bring people in touch with your website or content so that they can share more of it naturally on their own.

Social Media Marketing takes advantage of the huge audiences already assembled on websites such as Facebook and Twitter, who have listed their interests and can therefore be targeted much more efficiently. It also gives you a chance to interact with them more directly, and develop a level of trust.

How Can I Measure The Effects Of Online Marketing?

The benefits of marketing are extremely tangible, and the free websites metric service provided by Google Analytics is a fantastic way to measure them. There are a number of different statistics you can pay attention to and learn about what your digital marketing strategy is doing to impact your bottom line.

1. New visitor rates. The main thing you’ll be looking for is an increase in site visitors in general. Marketing campaigns are often multi-faceted, so an overall statistic is a good way to get an overall view of how yours is working.

2. New visitors by source. Once you have the big picture, it’s time to break it down into which aspects of your digital marketing strategy are working the best. You can find the specific numbers coming to you through search engines, social media, and through paid Google advertisements.

3. Conversions and conversion value. Finding the value of conversions is more art than science, but if you have established data on the rate at which you convert phone calls to sales for example, you’ll be able to make an accurate guess that can provide data on how much actual financial value your marketing strategy is providing for you.


Online and digital marketing is an essential part of elevating your website and delivering it to a relevant and profitable audience. It increases exposure, and if done correctly provides continually increasing returns over time.

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