5 Tips To Freshen Up Your Site

Written by: Brydie Meek, Published June 2008

It’s important that you keep the content on your site updated regularly. Get the edge over other sites that have stagnant and unchanging content with a site that is relevant and up to date.

Reasons To Update

It is especially important to update your Web site, if you want repeat visitors, as Web users enjoy changing and dynamic content. Web users will be more inclined to visit your site again if they think there might be fresh content or images to view.

An additional incentive to keep content fresh is that search engines are likely to visit your site more often in order to index new material. If search engines visit your site regularly, your rankings may significantly improve.

What Can You Do?

There are many ways to frequently freshen up your Web site and it can be done in a time and cost efficient manner. To get you started, see our 5 tips below for ideas:

  1. Add a ‘ What’s New’ Section
    A great way to communicate with your Web users is by adding a section to your site that covers news or events that are relevant to your company. This section will help keep your customers informed about what’s happening in your business. It will provide a great way to launch new products and is an easy way to inform site visitors about upcoming events and happenings.
  2. Add A Web Site Poll
    Adding a poll to your site is an easy and cost effective way of getting interactive with your site users. Changing the questions regularly and keeping the topics interesting and relevant will encourage online participation.
  3. Add Free Content Feeds
    If you want content that updates itself, there are many online companies that offer free self-updating content feeds. There are various options to choose from including news articles and online games.
  4. Add A Newsletter
    A company newsletter is a highly effective means of communicating and building relationships with your customers. If you do send an e-newsletter you should include all your back issues on your Web site. These will be a great source of regular new content for your site. Adding content is also a great way to help your search engine rankings.
  5. Update Images
    A quick and easy way to instantly freshen your Web site is to update old photos and images. Consider getting some professional photos taken, as quality images are vital. Remember that a picture speaks a thousand words. You want images to portray a professional and progressive company, so choose your images carefully.

What Next?

If you’re interested in getting updates done for your Web site, feel free to contact Avatar for more information.

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