Web Design and Browsing Utilities

There is an almost overwhelming choice of online tools, handy programs and neat gizmos around, so we have selected a few of our favourites to help you weed out the ones you’re likely to use.


Browsers are programs that are used to view and interact with various types of Internet and multimedia resources. They can be customized with your own preferences.

Although Internet Explorer (IE) is the standard that comes bundled with Windows, most of the Avatar crew prefer the increasingly popular Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Both are free alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and are quicker, more secure and offer better functionality and extensions.

Search Engines

Search engines help people using the Internet to find information. Some of the most popular, influential and the most useful are listed below:

New Zealand


We all tend to use Google (NZ and .com versions) for the most part. A few however prefer to escape from all things Google from time to time, and will also switch to engines such as Alexa.

Although it’s easy to get stuck in a search engine rut, you may find that specialised search engines and directories give you more relevant and better results.

Virus Protection

It’s important to protect your machine and network from the nasties out there. We like these offerings:

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