How To Avoid Damaging Your Online Credibility

A key ingredient for any successful online business is credibility. Without credibility, you lose out on business — it’s as simple as that. If your Web site looks even a little bit ‘dodgy’, you could be sending your potential customer straight out the door before you even get started on your sales pitch.

10 Ways To Avoid Looking Like A ‘Dodgy Dealer’

  1. Ensure your use of punctuation, spelling and grammar is correct
  2. Keep all Web site information up-to-date (especially on your forms)
  3. Use quality images (in-focus, appealing, eye-catching and stylish)
  4. Include a product or service guarantee
  5. Publish (and abide by) a privacy policy
  6. Clearly state the level of security for any monetary transactions / exchange of information
  7. Use genuine testimonials from satisfied customers
  8. Include information about your company and its history
  9. Provide easy to find contact information (include your email, phone, fax and a physical address, not just a P.O. box number)
  10. Include short biographies of key staff members, outlining personal and professional qualifications and experience.

Including all of these elements on your Web site will help to reassure people that you are a credible business and that you have spent time presenting your avatar (your virtual self) as professionally as possible. Don’t underestimate the impact that poor design, badly presented text and out-dated information can have.

First Step — Identify Any Shaky Cred

If you would like to use Avatar’s services to help enhance your online credibility, why not start by commissioning an In-Depth Marketing Review?

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