How To Start Email Marketing


New Zealand email marketing is a very cost-effective and efficient way of reaching your target audience.

A relationship with your customers not only allows you to communicate with them, but the information communicated is an all-important factor in making the customer feel good about you. Making the customer feel good about you creates long-term loyalty.

How Can You Make The Customer Feel Good About You?

Make sure that you provide information to your customer base that really gives value. You can do this by simply providing relevant information and tips about your industry or product that may help them in the future.

For example, Avatar provides information in a monthly newsletter offering tips and advice on Website design, how to link build, etc.This information builds a professional image about you as an expert in your field. It is also a chance to make your email database feel special about you. Tell them about special offers before you release the offers to the public, make them the first to hear about new products, reward them with discount vouchers etc.

Why Email Marketing is An Useful Online Marketing & Advertising Tool

This very discreet form of marketing, allows you to create a loyal database of customers through the perceived value of your information. By simply ‘keeping in touch’ customers feel that you have not forgotten them and it is often a reminder that they need to purchase one of your products or services.

You can utilise your database by offering them special offers to cover periods of low seasonality or over stock production. The cost of sending an email is minimal compared to the more substantial costs of direct mail. Also an email can be prepared and sent in a day, where as the production of direct mail and postage will take at least a week. This means that you can communicate effectively and quickly before your competitors.

How to Create Email Lists

If you can provide an incentive to encourage customers to join your email database, for example you could enter all new applicants into a prize draw for one of your products / services. Your Web site should have a clear call to action to join your email database, and all of your advertising should contain your Web address. Use online banner adverts on relevant sites, to depict the benefits of joining your email database. Viral campaigns are another good way of building your database.

Rocket Mailing for Avatar Clients

We offer clients hosting their Web sites with Avatar, use of Rocket Mailing software. Rocket Mailing enables the sending of personalised mails and campaign reporting.

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What Not To Do

Legal Advice

More advice about the New Zealand Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act (September 2007) can be viewed here:

For clarification on legal aspects of email marketing, seek legal advice from a specialist lawyer.

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