Encourage Your Site Visitor To Take Action

For any business website, the underlying goal is simple: to get the visitor to take action. Whether it’s making a purchase, sending a contact form, subscribing to a newsletter or feed, or leaving a review, it’s essential that you give the customer the motivation they need to take the step you want them to. Anytime you create an incentive or for a visitor to do something, it’s called a “call to action”. A strong call to action makes the difference between passive observer and active, engaged customer.

There should be some kind of call to action on every page throughout your website – though they don’t all need to be big flashing lights and signs. It can be as simple as offering a button or link that gently prompts “click here to go to the next step” or “go here for more information”. One of the most common causes of frustration for web visitors is not knowing how to proceed to get to where they want. It’s easy to forget that to a new visitor, the way your site works might not be completely obvious.

The following are some examples of calls to action:

In some cases, you can add extra incentive to make the call to action even more enticing. This doesn’t need to be every single time, but on crucial landing pages and information pages that are reached when the visitor is genuinely interested in your website are good places to up the ante. Incentives usually add more value to your offer, for example:

Calls to action can come in the form of buttons, or simple text links. Integrate them into your copy in order to reinforce why the customer should choose your product to trust. A call to action should be one of the first things people see when they reach your homepage – even if they don’t use it right away, they know it’s there and understand how to take the next step when they want to.

For a longer call to action, such as at the end of your homepage text or in an email, remember to include the following key elements:

If you need help giving your calls to action more oomph, the team at Avatar can help analyse your site and see where the balance lies.

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