Tips to Make Your Homepage Sales and Marketing Focused

Your homepage plays a crucial role in your company’s online success and is the main entry point for most sites. Your homepage is essentially your business’ sales and marketing pitch directed to your customers, so it has to make an excellent impression – and do so quickly.

A major challenge for companies trying to gain business on the Web is that users can jump so quickly between sites. A click of the mouse and the user has moved on. So how can you make your homepage stand out? Your goal is to create a homepage that is informative, captivating, motivating and easy to read.

Homepage Purpose

Your homepage should include more than just information on your business. Ensure your homepage content is sales and marketing focused so that your audience feels compelled to select your business over others. Your homepage should tell your audience – including search engines – vital information about your company including who you are and what you have to offer. Your Web site has several important objectives:

Homepage Writing

Most Web users scan the text for areas that interest them, rather than reading text word for word. To make it easy for skim readers you must ensure your writing is clear, concise and easy to follow. Here are several techniques you can adopt to capture the attention of those glancing at your homepage:

Marketing Techniques

There are several marketing techniques that you can use on your homepage that will attract customers and prompt them to take action:

Of course, our old friends the search engines love juicy keyword filled text and links to gobble up, so many of these techniques will assist. Implement the tips above and you’ll have a homepage that will market your business more effectively. As a bonus it’s likely that you’ll notice an improvement in your online sales figures.


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