New Zealand Marketing 101

It’s impossible for us to cover every aspect of marketing in one short article, but here we offer a brief overview of what marketing is and what the opportunities for marketers, particularly in New Zealand, are.

Basics Of Marketing

Marketing is recognised as an essential part of any business. It involves:

Target Market
Your target market is essentially a group of people whom you have identified to have a similar need. The best way to find out about these people is through market research. By finding out as much as you can about existing and potential customers, you can position your offer accordingly.

Beneficial Offer
What do you offer that is going to be of benefit to your target customer? In what ways will your service or product improve their life? In other words, why should they buy it?

Work out what you need to say to people about your offer and how best to get its message across. Are you going to support its benefits with information about its features, your company, your staff or your service (such as guarantees and warranties)? A good starting point is to ask yourself what you want to know about a company before buying a specific product or service.

Getting Noticed
Work out where your message is going to be seen by your target market. What types of communication are they going to be coming into contact with? Is it TV, radio, internet, print, billboards, flyers, letters or emails?

Making the Sale
There are many factors that will come into play before someone decides to part with their cash. Things that you can do to help you close the sale include providing enough information for people to make a purchasing decision, making it clear what to do and what happens next, making it easy to pay, and backing up a sale through guarantees and warranties. Keeping in touch with your customers once they’ve bought once will encourage them to buy again.

Marketing Opportunities in New Zealand

Marketing opportunities appropriate for your business may consist of all, or some, of the following elements:

Finding Out What Works

Without measuring the success of each of your marketing tactics, you run the risk of throwing money away time and time again, so remember to measure your returns. Track where your enquiries and sales are coming from using the sources available to you, such as your customers, your marketing and promotional codes, Web statistics and email measurement tools.

More Marketing Information

We have only touched on the barest of marketing essentials here. There is a huge amount of information out there, especially online, to help you with finding out more. Some of the resources or partners that we recommend include:


Web and Search Marketing

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