3 Easy Ways to Reduce Web Management Costs

If you use the services of a Web design company (such as Avatar) to help you manage and update your Web site content, there are 3 simple things you can do to reduce your costs.

    1. First work out exactly what you want to update. You can save money (in project management costs) by giving your project manager fewer emails to work through. If you keep changing your mind about what you want to change, your costs will increase.


    1. Send all of your updates in one communication. Send 1 email which includes all relevant image files andone, single document (Word) outlining your text changes and update instructions. This minimises the amount of time spent collating update information. You will also save money if you save up a number of small updates to be implemented in one session.

      At Avatar for example, we charge$120+gst per hour, pro rata for every 15 minutes (e.g. 10 minutes is charged at $30+gst, 20 minutes at $60+gst and so on).


  1. Provide clear instructions. It may seem obvious to you what goes where, but not necessarily for the person making your updates.Your instructions should be written rather than verbal and should include:
    • The Web page you are referring to by its URL and page name (e.g. web-design.html and ‘Web Design page’)
    • Provide details of the text that is going to change and what the replacement text is
    • Provide details of which image/s needs replacing and what the names of the replacement image/s are
    • Send images as image files (jpeg or gif formats) not as part of a Word document
    • Clearly label your images (for example, ‘master-bedroom.jpeg’ is more identifiable than ‘image1.jpeg’) and refer to this image name in your update instructions
    • Provide a date by which you need your updates completed. If you need updates urgently and other projects have to be re-scheduled to accommodate you, you may be charged at premium rates (for example, Avatar’s express update rate is $150+gst per hour, charged pro rata every 15 minutes).

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