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Last updated July 3rd, 2020.

SEO is becoming increasingly more difficult so it’s essential to have the right tools at hand to make your life easier. It’s important to understand your SEO tools and how they can benefit you for particular tasks to make your life easier and to maximise your SEO work. Here we list a number of SEO tools that cover all aspects of SEO from keyword research, link building to keeping organised.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential part of forming an SEO strategy – targeting the keywords your potential customers are searching for maximizes your chances of conversion.

  • Adwords Keyword planner
    Adwords Keyword Planner (free)
    Enter your keywords or landing page to get a list of keyword suggestions and volume.
  • SEMRush
    SEMRush (paid)
    SEMRush is a popular tool for competitor research but it’s also an excellent keyword research tool.
  • Ubersuggest
    Ubersuggest (free)
    Ubbersuggest allow you to generate thousands of keywords with a single click.
  • Wordtracker
    Wordtracker allows you to determine which keyword is best with competitive analysis
  • Keyword Discovery
    Keyword Discovery
    Keyword Discovery allows you to search a number of different options to find the best keywords.
  • SEOBook
    The keyword list generator is a free tool which helps you find more keywords.
  • Spyfu
    Spyfu is a competitor analysis tool which finds your competitors’ most profitable keywords
  • Bing
    Bing Keyword Research
    Bing offers an alternative to Google keyword planner to find more keywords.
  • Micro Niche Finder
    Micro Niche Finder
    This tool allows you to do keyword research but also sniff out those hidden niches.
  • HitTail
    HitTail uses keywords from your website and makes suggestions for topics to write about.
  • Freshkey
    Search Amazon, Google, Youtube, Etsy and more for buyer keywords.
  • Soovle
    Soovle (free)
    A free tool which allows you to search keywords from various large websites.
  • WordStream
    WordStream (free)
    WordStream is a free tool allowing you to find a large number of keyword ideas.

Competition Analysis

Knowing what your competition is doing is an essential part of an online marketing strategy – you can learn from their techniques as well as understand how much you have to do to be able to surpass them.

  • Open-Site-Explorer-Logo
    Open Site Explorer allows you to analyse backlinks and shows the DA/PA & MozRank.
  • majesticseo
    The largest link index database in the world, with tools such as site explorer and backlink checker.
  • linkdiagnosis
    Analyses competitor websites and pages for their links, PR and how frequently indexed they are.
  • advancedlinkmanager
    Advanced Link ManagerA link management service that helps you keep track of incoming links to your website.
  • bing webmaster
    Bing Webmaster Tools
    Official tools to help your site get listed in Bing’s search results, and improve your website.
  • WhatRunsWhere
    Provides data and insights for ad publishing platforms in 15 different countries around the world.
  • keyword competitor
    Provides on-demand data about your competitor’s keywords, ads and landing pages.
  • spyfu

    Provides historical data about your competitor’s AdWords campaigns, including most successful phrases.
  • The Search Monitor
    The Search Monitor
    Allows you to monitor both your own and competitor sites for SEO, SEM, Advertising and eShopping.
  • ahrefs
    A site explorer that shows key data such as new links and the most powerful pages on a website.
  • builtwith
    Comprehensive information about what platforms competitor and potential advertising sites are built with.
  • alexa
    Instant data insights on any website right from your browser, including their version of website ranking.
  • seobook
    SEO Book: Page Similarity Comparison Tool
    A range of essential tools for SEO managers, including duplicate content checkers and website health check.
  • google alerts
    Google Alerts
    Google Alerts allows you to monitor the web for people talking about your brand, product or service.

Technical SEO

SEO can be a tricky technique, but fortunately there are many tools that make it easier to carry out. Some are downloadable as software, while others work right from your browser.

  • XML Sitemap Validator
    XML Sitemap Validator

    Instantly checks your XML Sitemap for any broken links.
  • Bulk HTTP header response checker
    Bulk HTTP header response checker

    Returns the HTTP status for every URL attached to a certain website, including where redirects lead to.
  • W3C Internationalization Checker
    W3C Internationalization Checker

    Checks whether your website is international-friendly, such as character encoding and language options.
  • builtwith

    Find advanced data about market share, and Analytics data from all countries on a range of sites.
  • schema creator
    Schema Creator
    An easy way to create based HTML, which is essential for being correctly categorized by search engines.
  • GTmetrix
    Analyzes the performance of websites, such as loading time and efficiency.
  • seo-browser
    View your website the way a search engine sees it, allowing you to make important insights.
  • Wayback Machine
    Wayback Machine
    A huge internet archive compiled of snapshots of websites taken since almost the dawn of the internet.
  • Xenu Link Sleuth
    Xenu Link Sleuth
    A simple but effective tool for finding broken links on websites, including images, plugins and backgrounds.
  • SEO Book SEO Toolbar
    SEO Book SEO Toolbar
    A Firefox browser toolbar that provides you with instant insights as to why a website is performing well.
  • SEO Quake
    SEO Quake
    A Firefox browser extension that shows a range of key metrics on SERPs instantly.
  • Screaming Frog
    Screaming Frog
    A spider tool that explores websites and returns data and information from an SEO perspective.
  • Google Trends
    Google Trends
    Provides a broad picture of trending topics, articles, media and websites in a range of areas.
  • Google Webmaster Tools
    Google Webmaster Tools

    A selection of free tools provided by Google, including indexing and site health.
  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics

    A massively comprehensive analytics and data tool provided


Spam is an annoying present part of any web experience – whether through your email inbox or comment sections. Preserve your sanity with these spam-fighting tools.

  • Mail Blacklist Checker
    Email Blacklist Check
    Checks whether your mailserver’s IP address is part of over 100 commonly used spam address databases.
  • MultiRBL
    A free tool to check if your IP address is part of a DNS blacklist or confirmed forwarding list.
  • Mail Blacklist Checker
    Mail Blacklist Checker
    Checks whether your mail IP address is attached to a number of prominent spam blacklists.
  • Blacklist Check
    Blacklist Check
    Checks if your IP address is blocked in both mailing lists and forum servers.
  • AntiSpam Bee
    AntiSpam Bee
    A a free anti-spam plugin available for WordPress.
  • Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin
    Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin
    A WordPress plugin that creates a checkbox invisible to bots to prevent spam comments from being posted.
  • SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam
    SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam
    Adds the most effective anti-spam method – CAPTCHA – to a WordPress website.
  • Simple Trackback Validation
    Simple Trackback Validation
    Performs simple tests to ensure that all trackbacks to your site are legitimate and not spam.
  • Login LockDown
    Login LockDown
    Limits the number of login attempts that can be made during a certain span of time.
  • Akismet
    An anti-spam plugin that is constantly changing to combat the latest spam techniques.
  • Blocklist Removal Center
    Blocklist Removal Center
    Gives you information to find which blocklists your IP may be part of, and how to undo this.
  • The spam tools mailing list
    The spam tools mailing list
    A mailing list providing information of spam tools that are available to aid your website.
  • SpamCop
    A noted spam website database that provides lists of known spammers for you to block.
  • CloudFlare
    A reverse proxy service that sits between visitors and your web host and can help manage high traffic volumes.

Rank Checkers

It’s important to stay on top of your rankings and be alert for any drops so you can counteract them as quickly as possible. These tools allow you to do just that.

  • webceo
    A host of different tools including a rank checker, as well as reporting and management software.
  • rank checker
    Rank Checker
    Free rank checking software that you can download and use within Firefox.
  • Rank Tracker
    Rank Tracker
    Free rank checking software that checks keyword rankings every day.
  • rankinity
    Offers real time rank tracking and web visibility measurements.
  • raventools
    Raven Tools
    A paid online tool that offers a range of data tracking, with automatic report generators.
  • micromasters
    Microsite Masters
    SERP tracking for agencies, consultants and businesses.
  • searchmetrics
    Search Metrics
    A range of different SEO products for agencies and individuals.
  • brightedge
    Compiles keyword SERP results in a way that allows you to see long term data trends.
  • rank ranger
    Rank Ranger
    Provides a range of insights based on your data, including leading page and market reach.
  • advancewebranking
    Advanced Web Ranking
    Complete online SEO software, including mobile and local rank tracking.
  • traffictravis
    Traffic Travis
    A downloadable software package that gives you a wide range of data assets and reports.
  • marketsamurai
    Market Samurai

    A keyword analysis tool that provides users with a range of tools for attracting more traffic.
  • seodiver
    SEO DiverAllows you to monitor keywords for up to three different domains, returning keyword rankings daily.
  • zoomrank
    ZoomRankA range of ranking tools, including local and mobile searches.
  • serpfox
    Provides comprehensive SERP data and reports,

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO modifications are a huge part of an SEO strategy, and these tools streamline the process and ensure they’ll be consistent across your website.

  • BuzzStream
    This will automatically extract the title tag, meta description and keywords from any URL, presenting you the data.
  • Copyscape
    Allows you to search for copies of your web content that may be plagiarized elsewhere on the internet.
  • siteliner
    A site explorer that allows you to check your site for broken links, duplicate content and other minor errors.
  • Google Webmaster Tools
    Google Webmaster Tools
    Various tools for making your website run smoother, including checking whether it’s indexed or blacklisted by Google.
  • Screaming Frog
    Offers a tool for spidering all the links on a website to form a complete site map.
  • page speed insights
    Google Developers PageSpeed Insights
    A free Google-official tool offering a page loading speed report, and checks for mobile-friendliness.
  • GTmetrix
    Analyzes the performance of your website including loading speed and video functionality.
  • Pingdom Website Speed Tool
    Pingdom Website Speed Tool
    Tests your website response or ping speed, to allow you to find any bottlenecks.
  • feed the bot
    A tool to check whether your website follows Google’s best practice guidelines.
  • RobotsGenerator
    Generates a robots.txt file to help search engines fully index your website.
  • Schema Creator
    Schema Creator
    Creates a Schema for your website – snippets of text that display in search engine results pages.
  • Structured Data Testing Tool
    Structured Data Testing Tool
    A free tool provided by Google to test the structured data of your website.
  • Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit
    Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit
    A free SEO toolkit provided by Microsoft that’s especially useful for targeting results on Bing.
  • XML-Sitemaps
    Creates a free XML sitemap for your website that helps search engines index it properly.

Data Sources

To plan effective marketing strategies, you need relevant and accurate data on who your audience is, what they’re buying and what their interests are. These online data banks can help.

  • data
    Open data provided by the government of the USA. Useful for finding out about demographics and regional data.
  • city-data
    City Data
    Comprehensive data about thousands of cities throughout the USA, ranging from crime rates to weather patterns.
  • data-worldbank
    World Bank
    Data relating to the development of countries around the world, including figures such as GDP and life expectancy.
  • statcan
    Statistics Canada
    Provides data specifically about Canada, such as a population estimate, inflation and GDP growth.
  • gnip
    Access a huge range of data relating to the major social networks including Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and more.
  • health ny gov
    National Public Health Data Resources
    Various resources relating to American health information, including family surveys and regional data.
  • guidestar
    Guidestar (non-profit)
    Search a database of information and data on various non-profit organisations, to test their authenticity.
  • hoovers
    Provides data for businesses looking for leads, new sales opportunities, or social media opportunities.
  • datagovuk
    UK Open Data
    A public source for the data compiled by the UK government about the country and its people.
  • cdcgov
    Questionnaires, Datasets, and Related Documentation
    A huge range of health records, questionnaires and data sets that are free for the public to browse.
  • data medicare
    Download, Explore, and Visualize Data
    Find data relating to the Medicare program in the United States.


Turning visitors into customers is the part of online marketing that will produce the most financial return to your business, so it’s important you use every tool at your disposal to make this happen.

  • ManyContacts
    Install a free email bar on your website that allows you to collect contacts who want to hear more from you.
  • HelloBar
    HelloBar adds a free bar to your website that acts as a customisable call to action.
  • BounceExchange
    Specialised tools to help you improve conversions, and make the most of each conversion.
  • ExitMonitor
    Lead generation software that also helps you turn visitors into paying customers.
  • UserTesting
    UserTesting.comCommission personalised user testing to receive an appraisal of your website.
  • Balsamiq
    A rapid wireframing tool that allows you to make easy-to-use, efficient software quickly.
  • OmniGaffle
    Creates precise and professional graphics for a range of different applications.
  • Mockingbird
    Creates website wirefames on the fly, which you can then fill in with your own content.
  • FluidUI
    A tool for creating mock-ups and prototypes of mobile applications.
  • MockFlow
    Easy wireframing for websites, banners and brochures – all you need to do is add content and adjust.


Keeping organised and focused spells the difference between an effective campaign and an inefficient one. These tools are designed to help you manage tasks and ensure they get completed in the right order.

  • trello
    A comprehensive to-do list making website, allowing you to share and move tasks and check them when done.
  • Dropbox
    Drop Box
    A file sharing service that allows you to organise files into folders and share with multiple people.
  • doodle
    A scheduling tool that allows you to input people’s schedules and locate mutual free times, etc.
  • google drive
    Google DriveA file sharing service that offers 25GB free storage, and is able to view Photoshop and movie documents natively.
  • Evernote
    A note, research and writing organisation application that allows you to keep all necessary info on hand while writing.
  • yammer
    Create a private social network for your company, allowing employees to stay up to date and collaborate.
  • Basecamp
    A project management application that streamlines communication between departments and shared goals.
  • skype
    An instant messenger and video chat application. You can also share screens and have multiple call participants.
  • sanebox
    Automatically organises your inbox, prioritizing the most important emails and summarizing the rest.


Stay organised in terms of notes, documentation, tasks, people and events in order to ensure everyone is on the same page, and that page is moving forward smoothly.

  • Time to Note
    Time to Note
    Allows you to share documents, tasks, calendars and schedules with a number of people.
  • Basecamp
    A digital collaboration software, that allows people to share documents and files, discuss and comment.
  • Remember The Milk
    Remember The Milk
    An online task manager, that lets you create to-do lists which can be shared and assigned to different workers.
  • iOrganize
    An advanced Notepad software for OS X, allowing you to create simple hassle-free notes and organize them.
  • Netvibes
    Creates a dashboard of “everything” – your social media, Google Analytics and more.
  • Dropbox
    A file storage system that allows you to share and collaborate on a range of different file types.
  • Shoeboxed
    Scans and organize your receipts, and store your digital invoices to keep comprehensive tracking for tax purposes.
  • Todoist
    A to-do list maker and task management system, allowing you to access tasks anywhere and collaborate on tasks.
  • Evernote
    A tool for keeping your workspace unified, compiling and organising your writing and research.
  • Nirvana
    An organisation software suite that allows you to create tasks and build a natural workflow.

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