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Terms and conditions relate directly to the contractual agreement between two parties for the provision of services and products. We strongly advise that you seek legal advice if you choose to publish your terms and conditions on your Web site.

Terms and conditions may include the following clauses:

If you publish special offers or incentives on your Web site, you should also think about what terms and conditions relate specifically to these offers and incentives. If they differ from your usual terms and conditions, you may need to publish what they are.

Please note: You will need to check with your own legal advisor to ensure that your site meets all its necessary legal obligations. Our examples do not constitute legal advice and Avatar Ltd disclaim all liability for damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information provided.

You should also remember that laws regarding online disclaimers, privacy policies, copyright and terms and conditions are complex and may differ between countries. You should regard our advice and guidelines as a starting point only.

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