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Web Site Design & Web Marketing Definitions : B

Size of the data pipeline. The larger the bandwidth, the more amount of data that can flow.

Below the fold
The part of a Web page that cannot be seen without scrolling the page.

Web LOG is a journal kept on the Internet. This journal is often updated daily and contains all information that the person maintaining the BLOG (the blogger) wishes to share with the world. The term also applies to Web sites dedicated to a particular topic and being updated with the latest news, views and trends.

BMP (.bmp) Bitmap image
A standard image format used primarily on the Windows Platform. The image data is stored without applying any compression.

By using bookmarks, you can store your favourite Web addresses on your Web browser. (On Internet Explorer, this facility is called ‘Favorites’)

The process of creating a brand, the visual, emotional, rational, and cultural image associated with a company or a product.

Broken link
This is a link that doesn’t work, (i.e. it no longer points to an active page or destination).

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