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Web Site Design & Web Marketing Definitions : D

Dead end page
A dead end page presents the Web site visitor with no options for going forward. To go back to the page previously visited, a visitor may only use the back arrow on a Web browser.

Deep linking
This is the term giving to the process of linking pages in the lower levels of your Web site from your home page (or from other pages) to help search engines index them.

Description tag
This is the Meta tag, which provides a description of a Web page. This description can be displayed by the search engines in their search result pages and is also especially helpful to visually impaired Web users.

A directory or a Web directory is a Web site that arranges its Web pages in categories (see for an example). Unlike a search engine, a directory does not crawl the Internet gathering information, instead it relies on the information provided by you or your Web master when requesting to be included in its listings.

This is a long-established Web directory edited by volunteer editors. It’s also known as the ODP (Open Directory Project).

Domain name
A unique name assigned to an IP Address that identifies an Internet Web site.

Doorway page
This is the name given to a Web page designed solely for the purpose of enhancing rankings for a Web site on search engines. A doorway page tends to be a page designed without any heed to providing useful information to the site visitor.

Download time
This is the time taken by a Web site to download to a Web browser. The download time depends on a number of factors including the speed of the Internet connection and the size of the files.

To download means to copy files/ programmes from a remote computer to your own.

Duplicate content
Duplicate content occurs when two Web sites publish the same, or extremely similar information.

Dynamic content
This refers to content generated by databases depending on a user’s request. Pages created in Flash or which use other animation techniques are also sometimes referred to as dynamic.

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