Web Site Development FAQ

Many people find the topic of Web development a little mystifying, especially trying to understand all the complicated programming jargon. Below you’ll find a selection of Web development FAQ with answers:

Q1: What should I look for in an E-Commerce solution for my business?

When choosing an online shopping cart option for your Web site there are a few factors you should consider:

Q2: What’s a Content Management System Web (CMS) site?

A Content Management System (CMS) powered Web site gives Web site owners the power to update and manage content. Web site updates can be made easily at any time by a range of administrators, making CMS sites a great option for businesses that want to provide their online visitors with fresh and relevant information.

Q3: What’s a blog and how do I go about putting one on my site?

A blog is a ‘weblog’ and is a web site, or pages of a web site that have information, articles or content added over time. See our Avatar blog as an example.

Blogs are becoming a popular marketing tool for many businesses and are relatively easy to install. Here at Avatar, we endorse the WordPress blogging software as it’s free under GPL agreement, simple to use and has thousands of extensions and design themes.

WordPress blogs are easy to install, meaning you’ll be up and blogging in no time! Contact us if you’d like to go ahead with adding a blog to your Web site.

Q4: How can I stop the amount of junk mail coming through the enquiry form on my Web site?
If you’re sick and tired of receiving hundreds of spam emails generated by your Web forms, we can add some additional programming to your site that will reduce the amount of spam coming through. It’s highly likely that you’ve experienced anti-spam protection yourself – for example when you are asked to enter the letters and numbers you see in a graphical box before you submit an online Web form.

Q5: What’s a favicon?

A favicon, stands for ‘favourites icon’ and is a simple and effective means of helping your Web site stand out from online competitors. A Web site’s favicon is the small graphic image displayed next to a Web site location URL, in theWeb browser tabs and next to the page title in bookmarks or favourites lists.

A favicon may be a smaller version of your logo or could be any small image that represents your business. Read more on favicons here.

Q6: What are some nifty programming add ons that will impress my Web site visitors and improve the customer experience on my site?

There a few simple programming functions that we can add to your site that will make your site more customer friendly. Those listed below can be completed by us at minimal cost.

See the full list of Web development add ons.

For more information about our Web site development services, please contact us.

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