Wooing Customers Through Email Marketing

Customers like to be made to feel special, offer something truly useful in return for their ongoing patronage. Email marketing allows you to deliver tips, ideas, tools and resources into people’s inbox – increasing your brand awareness, top of mind and building trust for repeat business. Many businesses fail to capitalise on email marketing, despite its huge potential.

An effective email marketing campaign needs to be focused on offering value. If you’re just hard selling your product, people will switch off. Don’t plan your emails in terms of advertising, plan them thinking about what kind of email you personally would really like to receive in your inbox and what would make you open it.

Some good ideas include:                                                                                                            

Once you have engaged people’s interest with your useful tools or advice, then you’ll be more likely to get a positive response when mentioning special offers and product/service features.

There are several platforms available for email marketing, at Avatar our favourite is MailChimp. With both basic templates and fully customisable designs, it allows you to make branded emails and send them to an entire list easily and measure results.

Avatar has been sending out email newsletters since the late 90’s, get in touch if you’d like us to help you put together a successful email marketing strategy.

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