Search Engine Optimisation Process

Search Engine OptimisationWhen you commission your search engine optimisation service from us, we’ll discuss what you want to achieve, the geographical location of your target market and which keyword phrases may be relevant to your business. These are the typical steps involved for many of our optimisation projects:

1. Keyword Phrases

We research and identify keyword phrases relevant to your market to include in your site optimisation, considering search volume and strictness of competition.

2. Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

Having agreed on the selected keyword phrases with you, we work on the best strategy for optimising your site. This may include technical suggestions for making your site more ‘search-engine’ friendly, optimising existing web pages and/or creating additional content pages.

3. On Page Optimisation

As part of our optimisation strategy, we (or your web designer/programmer) will add the keyword phrases to your site in the various locations that search engines examine to determine how relevant a site is to a particular search. These locations include the text on the home page and the title, description and keyword meta tags, so small editorial changes to your web site are generally required.

4. Submissions

Once the optimisation is complete, we’ll upload the optimised pages for you to review. If you are happy with everything, we will then submit your website to popular New Zealand and international search engines and directories.

5. Site Traffic & Rankings

After a month or two, you can expect to see increase in your site traffic. If you are not tracking your site statistics, before we start the work we suggest contacting your web host for more information or to set up an account with Google Analytics. Eight to twelve weeks after submissions, we’ll contact you to discuss your site’s search engine rankings across a number of key search engines.


Search engine optimisation is a mixture of science, mathematics, creativity and marketing savvy. It’s a long-term online marketing strategy requiring time and patience, but the benefits of establishing good search engine rankings for your site can be extremely worthwhile. For more information, please contact us.

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