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If you are looking for SEO services that will take your business to the next level, look no further. Based in Christchurch, we’ve been creating and implementing successful Search Engine Optimisation campaigns for New Zealand and international clients since 1998.

Avatar offers expert SEO services with an advanced level of experience and knowledge. We understand that the rubber needs to hit the road, it’s about generating tangible improvements to search engine rankings and increasing your flow of targeted traffic to your website.

SEO is an area Avatar has thrived for over 20 years. Not only have we achieved outstanding results for hundreds of clients in dozens of niches, but we’ve also had enormous success with Avatar’s commercial projects. You’ll find that not many of our competitors can say that.

SEO Options

Our most popular and effective SEO service:

We provide subsidised support services to New Zealand’s “Regional Business Partner Network” for management team development if you’d like to grow your team’s in-house SEO capabilities:

If you’re looking for a basic one-off starter service:

If you’re interested in any of Avatar’s services, contact us, and we’ll reply to you with a no-obligation quote. 

“We would like to thank Avatar for their help in optimizing our site. Since we have been working with Avatar we have seen a 251% increase in year on year growth and just last month a 35% increase in organic traffic!! This has translated into substantially more enquiries for our services with an associated increase in bookings. The monthly reports are concise and useful. Avatar is a key player for us in the digital space.”
Howard Klein, South Island Plastic Surgery (view more client comments)

What Exactly Is SEO?

When someone does a keyword search on a search engine then they’re presented with a variety of ads, maps and website listings.  On Google there are ten website listings, called “organic search” or “natural search”, where the free listings are ranked by Google’s algorithm to be the best match for a search query.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has the goal of making a website rank higher on keyword searches to gain more traffic and profile.  SEO is all about optimising a website to be the most relevant search result for the topic area that is being targeted.

SEO Tips

Each major search engine uses a different algorithm, but they all look at components of your site such as document title, meta tags, keywords in the URL, keywords in the text, headings in the text, number of pages, external links to the site, and other components of a site. View our promotion tips page or frequently asked questions page. 

Getting down to the nuts and bolts of SEO, it’s all about words.  If you have very little useful textual content on your website, then that will hinder your SEO results.

The SEO strategy for most websites is all about increasing rankings and traffic. In essence, it’s about developing keyword-rich content, improving domain authority via quality links and optimising your technical setup.  Deploying effective SEO tactics is typically the intricate aspect of SEO. It’s about choosing the correct specific actions to achieve your strategic goals. In SEO, it all comes down to how well you carry out the tactical execution.

SEO Service Information

Find further details below about the key SEO areas we focus on.

Keyword Research & Strategy

We develop a customised SEO strategy founded on an extensive site audit, keyword research and competitor analysis. We focus on keyword rankings that will maximise your ROI. It’s about scalable and sustainable growth with tailored search engine optimisation from the best in the business.

Onsite Optimisation

By strategically matching landing page content with and keyword searches, we’re able to suggest to Google which terms your site is most relevant for top rankings. Content optimisation ensures that the search engines can determine what keyword or phrase each page of your website is targeting and that the page is highly relevant to the search term.

Offsite Optimisation

Quality link building builds respect, authority and rank. The process of building up offsite links can include a range of activities, such as: submitting press releases, guest posting, social bookmarks and content marketing. The quality, quantity, relevance and recency of your backlinks lets Google know how trusted, and popular your website is.

Local Search Optimisation

Our local SEO services help businesses get better visibility in your local area. Related activities include: 

We provide technical website audits to identify issues and diagnose the SEO health of your site. We will quickly find and correct problems such as duplicate content or titles, missing meta tags, broken images, bad sitemaps and server errors.

Content Marketing

We create compelling content which drives targeted traffic to your website and builds loyalty. Developing strong digital content that’s relevant to your brand is a core SEO activity that has substantial offshoot benefits.

Avatar’s SEO Management

Our SEO management services include:


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