Split Testing

Here at Avatar we’re not just interested in building websites, we’re interested in building websites that work. As with anything, you can only arrive at the best possible design through testing, recording results, and making changes based on this. The most accurate way to test websites is through seeing how real traffic behaves when confronted with several different variations, which is where split testing comes in.

What Is Split Testing?

Split testing is a way of trialling different changes to a website to find which produce the most positive results.

This is done by creating multiple versions of a page, each with one small change. The website is then set up so that a different version of the page will be displayed randomly (but evenly) to each visitor. You can then track the data that comes from these visits in Google Analytics, and see how the behaviour alters according to which version of the page the visitor was presented with. You can then compare this with your goals and conversions to see which are giving you the overall best results.

How Does Split Testing Help Your Website?

Though it’s possible to guess which design choices will work best for your website, it’s impossible to know for certain until you put them to the test with real visitors. Split testing only works if you test one element at a time, but over time you can work to ensure every aspect of your website is working as efficiently as possible. Because you can directly compare this to conversions and financial outcomes, this represents real financial value to your business.

What Can Be A/B Split Tested?

Practically any element of a website can be subjected to A/B split testing. From colour to layout, anything that represents a design decision can be tested. Some common ones include:

Not to mention specific elements such as sign up pages, image galleries and product categories.

If you’re interested in putting your website to the test but aren’t sure where to begin, talk to the team at Avatar. We can help with everything from setting up the test through to compiling and understanding results.

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