Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is the term given to marketing tactics that encourage recipients to pass on a marketing message. Essentially, it’s just a funky way of saying “word of mouth” Internet marketing. That marketing message may be simple brand promotion or advertising for a particular product, service or business.

Used online, viral marketing is often successful in encouraging people to pass on interesting and entertaining content like games, jokes, video clips, images and text.

New Zealand Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is under-utilised by New Zealand companies, but can be popular with marketers because:

Viral marketing is an excellent method for building (permission-based) email databases or creating awareness of new products. Providing a strong incentive for people to play a game (such as a prize, or discount) and to pass it on (competition with friends) is an important component.

Online Games Designed By Avatar

Avatar has designed the games below, primarily for email campaigns, but you can see that both have viral and addictive marketing qualities.

Animated Christmas E-Card
Christmas Card Game
Scratch Game
Scratch Game
The Big Kick Game
The Big Kick Game

If you like these games and want us to create a piece of viral marketing for you, please contact us for more information.

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