Web Content Sorting Service

When you are collecting or creating material for a new Web site, (logo, images and text), it can easily morph into a mess of unnamed files, duplicate material and mismatched file formats. If you haven’t got the time (or the energy) to collate and sort through this content, then our Web Content Sorting Service is for you.

What the Web Content Sorting Service involves

We will spend 1-3 hours of project management time to collate all of your Web site material including:

* Whilst we do our best to notice any typos in your text during this process, this is not a proof-reading service and any text should be sent through to us as publication ready material.

Service Fee

This service is valued at $120-$360+gst and is only available to clients who have commissioned Avatar for a Web site design and development project or Web site update. This service is carried out by Avatar project managers, who are highly experienced and knowledgeable about Web design projects. They will already be briefed on your Web site design or update project and will be able to organise your material efficiently and effectively.

Additional Content Services

If you need help in writing your Web text and sourcing images, we offer Web Writing and Image Finding services. We can also help you edit and proof your Web site text, if you have the basics but want a professional eye cast over it.

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