Web Site Design Add Ons

Avatar offers a wide range of extra add on services for your web site.  Please see below for a selection of web design services that can be added to your project or completed separately as a one-off service.

Logo Design

If you don’t have a logo for your company or you wish to redevelop an existing one, we can help – all you need to do is supply us with a brief.

Printable Pages

You can allow visitors to easily and quickly print out pages without unnecessary graphics. This is a useful feature if your web pages contain information that a visitor may want to refer to without internet access, such as location and contact details or a map.


A favicon is a small graphic that is seen on browser tabs, in a browser’s location bar, on bookmarks and favourites. A favicon can be small reproduction of your logo or another small image which defines your business, adding to the sense of completion and branding. Read more information on favicons here.

Google Analytics Set Up

Avatar can set you up with a Google Analytics account, providing you with in depth reporting data for your web site. Analytics allows you to accurately track and analyse your web site’s performance and determine which traffic sources are generating the sales and enquiries you are ultimately seeking.  We can even set up conversion goals up for you so you can easily track your success ratios – and best of all, its a free tool. Contact us for more details.

Currency Converter

A real-time currency converter on your web site can help site visitors find out what your costs equate to in their own currency. This is a very handy widget for web sites targeting an international market.

Variable Text Sizes

Enabling your site visitors to change the size of the text on your web page can help them to view your web pages more clearly. This is a useful feature if your target market is senior-aged or may simply prefer a larger text size.


Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about any of these additional add on services.

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