Web Site Design Costs

How We Charge

When we work out the costs for your Web design project, we estimate the number of hours it will take us to complete your project, (as we work and charge by the hour). These hours are clearly outlined in your proposal document are broken down into: design costs per page, functionality, implementation, testing, project management and Web marketing.

Our standard rate is $120+gst per hour. We allow a $500+gst spread of prices in our proposal to show you that costs for your project depend on various factors.

We will keep you informed during the progress of the project as to whether your project is moving towards the top or bottomend of the spread.

How to Keep Your Costs in the Lower Price Spread

To keep your costs at the lower end of the spread, you can:

If you meet all of the requirements above your final estimated costs will be at the bottom end of the pricing scale provided.

What Bumps Up Your Projects Costs

Additional costs tend to apply, if we:

All these additional hours will be invoiced to you at our standard hourly rate of $120+gst per hour.


Ways to Reduce Your Overall Project Costs

Here are some tips on how to reduce costs for your Web site:

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