Web Design Process Diagram

To learn more about the design process we use when designing a new website, please watch this flash animation or view the full size printable diagram below.

Detailed Steps:

  1. We get together (by phone, by email or in person) to work out what your Web site will include.
  2. We send you a written proposal for your Web site, including its costs.
  3. You agree to the proposal’s terms and confirm your go-ahead by signing it off.
  4. You supply text, images, branding info, keyword phrases and design survey to us. (All required material should be supplied ready for publication to avoid additional costs).
  5. You make a down payment on your Web site – the first 50% of your project budget.
  6. We give you a call to discuss the design aspects of your Web site.
  7. We create one or two design concepts as per your proposal for your Web site. (Additional concepts incur additional costs).
  8. You pick the design concept you like best and give us formal approval to start the build based on it.
  9. We build your Web site.
  10. You test and sign off your approval of the Web site.
  11. We edit the Web site to optimise it for search engines, as per your proposal.
  12. We publish your Web site, so it becomes viewable and usable online.
  13. You pay the final 50% of your project budget.

Click here to view the full-size printable Web Design Diagram.

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