Search Engine Optimisation Quality Guarantee

Since Search Engine Optimisation is a rapidly evolving, technically complex and often misunderstood field, we have taken the initiative of developing the Search Engine Optimisation Quality Guarantee.

Avatar Ltd explicitly guarantees the following standards of practice on all Search Engine Optimisations that we undertake.

Our primary focus is to improve the search experience for web users by helping search engines find relevant results.

Search engines change the algorithms they use to rank websites frequently which means it’s impossible to accurately predict future rankings and traffic. We only use techniques that we know work on standard sites and have proven to provide a significant increase in qualified site traffic. Results may be affected by:

On behalf of Avatar Ltd,

Mark Rocket
Managing Director

Liability Statement

Avatar Ltd has an extensive track record of successful search engine optimisations and we are recognised as one of the leading New Zealand companies working in this specialised area. However, Web site promotion is a complex area with many variables, and we can’t offer you a guarantee that your site will get high rankings for your preferred phrases, especially in very competitive market areas. Despite this, we have achieved high rankings for thousands of keyword phrases for our clients and we will use our experience and expertise to implement our search engine optimisation services on your Web site to the best of our abilities. Avatar Ltd will endeavour to use search engine optimisation techniques that Avatar Ltd considers to be ethical. Avatar Ltd will not be liable for any loss or damages arising, either directly or indirectly, from search engine performance.

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