Web Site Statistics Analysis Services

Site statistics are one of the most useful tools for measuring and understanding the performance of your Web site. By viewing your statistics, tracking trends over time and measuring conversions, you can improve the way your Web business operates.

Many Web site hosting providers offer a statistics program as part of their hosting service. Another excellent way to track your Web site statistics is to use Google’s comprehensive Google Analytics program, which offers detailed information on your site visitors, traffic sources, content popularity and conversion measurement.

Search Engine Optimisation Stats Review

It’s a good idea to track and measure the performace of your Web site on search engines. The results will arm you with the essential information required to make effective and beneficial marketing and design improvements to your site.

We offer a range of statistical review services that will equip you with your key Web site traffic details. The service can include options such as a Google Anlalytics account set up, Google Webmaster Central setup and a review of sitemaps and robots.

Value: Quoted per site

Site Statistics Review

We will spend up to 4 hours preparing a report for you, using your existing statistics set up (either from your hosting provider or from Google Analytics) to analyse your site performance. This report will include:

Value: NZ $480 +GST

Google Analytics Set Up

We can set up an account for you, upload the required code into your Web pages, give advice on maximising the features of Google Analytics and help define conversion goals for you.

Once you have a Google Analytics account, you can login to view and download reports on visitor traffic, including numbers, location, type, source and behaviour. You can also find out what content is most popular, how long it is viewed and what your conversion rate is. The useful features of Google Analytics include its graphs and charts, which convey stats information at a glance.

Value: NZ $360 +GST

Please contact us for advice on which service is most appropriate for your Web site or to commission the service you require.

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