Avatar’s WordPress Update Policy

Last Updated 1/12/14

WordPress is a superb piece of content management software, but it also has its idiosyncrasies and ongoing security updates that must be regularly reviewed. We’ve found the three most common potential problem areas are:

1. Installed Plugins. Plugins need to be chosen very carefully. There are low quality plugins that aren’t well supported and/or can cause major issues when WordPress updates occur. There are malicious plugins and/or plugins with security issues, that can enable your site to be hacked. We request that you notify Avatar if you install any additional plugins.

2. Bogus Login Attempts. Sometimes a WordPress login page can come under brute force attack where bots try to login to an account thousands of times. We recommend that an ‘admin’ username is not used and all passwords are secure alpha numeric combinations 7+ characters long. Bogus login attempts can cause a site to slow down and if a site is seriously attacked, security measures need to be significantly increased.

3. WordPress and Plugin Updates. WordPress will regularly put out updates, these need to be regularly evaluated and upgrades done. Updates can cause conflict issues with plugins and your site will need to be fully tested after updates are done (e.g. forms, image sliders etc). Plugin updates should typically be done at the same time. We recommend that you liaise with Avatar on any updates that are done on your site.

As part of your website hosting plan with Avatar, here is clarification of the updates we undertake.

Daily Server Monitoring is done to watch out for odd or suspicious server activity.

Updates for WordPress and Plugins will be done multiple times throughout the year. We will notify you before and/or after an important update is done. If it is a substantial or time-consuming WordPress or Plugins update then we will need to charge for our time (usually in the vicinity of 1 to 3 hours at $150+gst per hour) and we will request confirmation before proceeding.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about your WordPress hosting plan.

NOTE: If your site is not hosted with Avatar, then we can not monitor your site and will not contact you about updates. It will be up to your team and your website host to arrange updates.

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